Fan on floor drying out damaged property with HOBO logger deployed on wall

The Aftermath: IoT Monitoring & Data Loggers Have Become A Restoration Company's Best Friend

For saving homes, time, and money, remote IoT tools for monitoring temperature and humidity are a remediator's secret weapon...and mold's worst enemy.
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Man standing in front of large bank of data center equipment

Cool it!

A data center management company sought an innovative remote monitoring solution to maintain optimal indoor conditions at its data centers. A HOBOnet wireless sensor network was the answer.
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HOBOnet Agriculture

The Future of Farming: Optimizing Irrigation Using a Wireless Sensor Network

Harnessing data with an IoT remote monitoring system helps you make smarter irrigation decisions
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Chicago subway where data loggers monitor underground climate change study

Data Loggers Go Deep: Tracking Underground Climate Change in Chicago

Rising subterranean heat levels are posing a threat to many cities' foundations. A recent New York Times article explained how HOBO wireless temperature sensors were used to better understand and address impacts from "underground climate change."
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CBC no preview on urban heat study using MX1101 to monitor temperature and RH

HOBO data logger use is HOT in heat studies

From tracking dangerously hot living conditions to studying how "cool roofs" decrease building temperatures, our data loggers are proving to be small but mighty tools in the face of heat waves and climate change. This post looks at how a Canadian news network spearheads an urban heat study.
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mountain lake with rocky shore reflects trees and sky

Did you know these lake facts?

Did you know that lakes can die?! Find answers to this and more in this blog post about lakes, like: What is the biggest lake? What country has the most lakes? The biggest fish ever to have been found in a lake? (You won't believe it!)
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Celebrating Lakes Appreciation Month

Lakes...We work and play on them, but do we really value them? Growing population, development, and invasive species stress our local lakes, ponds, and reservoirs. All life needs water; let’s not take it for granted!
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Just How Badly Is IAQ/IEQ Killing You Softly?

Do you spend alot of time indoors? If you do, you may be the victim of bad indoor air/environmental quality, otherwise known as poor IAQ/IEQ.
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Sharing the Love of HOBO Data Loggers

Our customers LOVE HOBO data loggers, and we LOVE our customers! Check out some recent HOBO customer reviews.
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Gym Ventilation Redesign Uses HOBO CO2 Loggers to Help Prevent Spread of COVID

This CNN feature describes how a gym owner prevented a COVID-spreading event at her facility thanks to its redesigned ventilation system, which uses HOBO CO2 data loggers!
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Celebrating World Rivers Day

Celebrated on the fourth Sunday in September, World Rivers Day highlights the values of rivers and strives to increase public awareness and encourage improved stewardship of waterways around the world.
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Farmer Uses HOBO Data Loggers to Combat Crazy Weather

Extreme climate fluctuations can be frustrating, especially if your livelihood depends on the weather. This stress affects farmers all over the world, including Tom Baker, a strawberry grower in Virginia.
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Studying the World’s Most Trafficked Animal

What nocturnal mammal is covered in scales, eats ants and termites, lives in Africa, and is critically endangered?
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Onset Team Completes Lean Six Sigma Green Belt Training

Building a culture of continuous improvement focuses on the improvement responsibility of all employees, and uses the talent of the entire workforce. To support continuous improvement, Onset has proactively trained employees in Lean Six Sigma.
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Using Biomimicry to Reduce a Dangerous Pest

A group of graduate students, participating in the Biomimicry Challenge, used HOBO data loggers to help test a device aimed at reducing one of nature's most dangerous pests. This pest is the cause of hundreds of thousands of hospitalizations, and thousands of deaths each year.
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Saving Smalltooth Sawfish

One of the more intriguing fish in the ray family is the sawfish. Its long, narrow, flattened nose extension (rostrum) is lined with sharp teeth that look like a saw. HOBO data loggers are being used to study the smalltooth species found almost exclusively in south Florida.
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