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  • Data loggers helping Texas wineries store wine above ground

    How do you store wine in the almost entirely basement-free state of Texas? Data loggers to the rescue!

  • Data loggers are very helpful in indoor environments such as offices, to measure indoor air quality

    If you don't know the answer, we are happy to introduce you to the world of data logging! We'll share what data loggers are, where they are used and who uses them. as well as some fun, "did you know...?'" facts. Enjoy!

  • Early HOBO pressure data logger with HOBO icon

    We have been asked this MANY times. Even the "newbies" here at Onset ask the question, "What’s with the name HOBO?" The most common thought is that it’s an acronym, and the answer to that is "no, but yes!"

  • HOBO Pendant data logger in an outdoor application in Madagascar, next to a lemur!

    Welcome to the Onset blog! Here you will find information about cool customer applications, comment on things going on in the world that relate to data loggers, our products, company culture, and more.