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  • Happy St. Patrick's Day from Onset

    In honor of St. Patrick’s Day, we wanted to share a cool customer application highlighting some clever engineering students who tackled their master’s thesis and simultaneously became the heroes of a local brewery!

  • HOBO Data Loggers are helping monitor river activity

    March 14th is International Day of Action for Rivers. We salute the organizations and individuals who are working to protect rivers and the ecosystems that rely on them. Whether you're testing temp, looking at level, determining DO or proving pH, we have a data logger for that!

  • National Groundwater Awareness Week is March 10-16

    March 10th - 16th is National Groundwater Awareness Week, and groundwater, as it turns out, is pretty important. Did you know only 1% of the water on Earth is useable, and 99% percent of that is groundwater? 

  • Onset Supports Local High School Student Setting up a Weather Station for his Senior Project

    Onset is involved in our local community in a number of ways, so we thought it was pretty great when we heard that our VP of Sales is spurring student interest in data logging.

  • If you thought that romance and data loggers didn’t go together, you’d be wrong! It’s Valentine’s Day and in honor of this holiday, we’re sending all of our HOBO data logger customers some love via a twist on a classic sonnet.

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