Trusted monitoring solutions for water's most critical parameter

Water plays a fundamental role in our world’s industries, ecosystems, and communities. By monitoring water temperature, scientists can protect the health of aquatic life, engineers can determine critical process temperatures, and aquaculture farmers can identify optimal growing conditions. From ocean depths of up to 11,000 cranberry bogs, affordable, easy-to-deploy HOBO water temperature data loggers remain the trusted tool for monitoring this most critical parameter.

waterproof HOBO data loggers monitoring a lobster trap and in a cranberry boy

Which water temperature data logger is best for your application?


Max Water Temp 50 Cº 50 Cº 125 Cº 50 Cº
Max Depth 120 meters 300 meters 11,000 meters 17 meters
Communication Bluetooth Optic/Shuttle USB web/cellular
Software HOBOconnect HOBOware HOBOware HOBOlink


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