• InTempConnect Quick Reference Guide
  • Getting started with InTemp®
    Customers getting started with InTemp, a quick easy guide to help you get setup.
  • CX5000 Gateway Manual
    The InTemp CX5000 Gateway is a device that uses Bluetooth® Low Energy (BLE) to regularly download up to 50 CX series loggers and upload the data to the InTempConnect® website automatically via Ethernet or WiFi. The gateway requires an InTempConnect website account with gateway privileges and a phone or tablet with the InTemp app to set up the gateway.
  • InTemp Gateway Quick Start Guide
    Follow these instructions for setting up the gateway in your current location.
  • InTemp Monitoring Solution for Clinical Trials Data Sheet
    The new InTemp CX Series is a family of high-performance data loggers for monitoring temperatures in refrigerators, freezers, and other temperature-controlled environments.
  • Quick Start for the InTemp® CX600 and CX700 Series Loggers
    A quick start guide on how to set-up, configure, start, and deploy your CX600 or CX700 series logger.
  • InTemp® CX500 Series Temperature Logger (CX501, CX502, CX503) Manual
    InTemp CX500 series loggers measure temperature in transportation monitoring applications. These Bluetooth® Low Energy-enabled loggers are designed for wireless communication with a mobile device and can be configured to monitor temperatures in Cold Chain, CRT, and Frozen shipments.
  • InTemp CX600 Dry Ice/CX700 Cryogenic Logger Manual
    InTemp CX600 Dry Ice and CX700 Cryogenic loggers are designed for cold shipment monitoring and have a built-in external probe that can measure temperatures as low as -95°C (-139°F) for the CX600 series or -200°C (-328°F) for the CX700 series.