USB Accessibility—Without the Wires!

Despite the many advantages of cloud-based solutions for temperature monitoring, user management can be a significant challenge. To maintain security, all users must have access to the cloud account in order to view data, perform downloads, and send reports. This can be a logistical nightmare for any company that uses fleets of drivers, or ships direct-to-patient and needs immediate data access. While USB data loggers provide the benefit of on-the-spot data downloads, it's mandatory that the user have a computer.

The InTempVerify app provides the same accessibility of a USB logger, minus the need for a computer. Users with the app on their mobile device simply tap 'Download' for immediate access to data, which is automatically sent to the organization's InTempConnect cloud account that originally programmed and started the logger.

No user management challenges. No computers. Full data accessibility!


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System Requirements

iOS 15, 16, and 17

Android 12, 13, and 14

Bluetooth 4.0

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