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Onset InTemp Temperature Location Logger CX1003
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Part Number - CX1003

Real-time, Multi Use Temperature Data Logger

Ideal for return logistics applications, this logger can be used multiple times to monitor in-transit conditions

$545.00 USD

Important Information

For more information about this product, please contact InTemp sales:

Contact Sales / 508-743-3309 / intemp@onsetcomp.com

NOTE: The CX1003 is not compatible with the InTemp mobile app or the CX5000 gateway. The logger can only be managed with the InTempConnect cloud platform.

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The InTemp CX1003 is a one-year, multi-use cellular data logger that monitors the location and temperature of your critical, sensitive in-transit shipments in near real time. The InTemp CX1003 is ideal for return logistics applications where the same logger can be used multiple times. Location, temperature, light, and shock data is transmitted to the InTempConnect cloud platform in near real time to enable maximum shipment visibility and control. Cellular data usage is included with the cost of the logger so there are no additional fees for a data plan.

  • View near real-time temperature data in the InTempConnect dashboard, as well as logger shipment details, current temperature, any critical alerts, and a near-real-time map that shows the route, current location of your assets, and data upload points – so you can always check on the status of your shipment and access important data for analysis.
  • Generate on-demand reports in InTempConnect during or after the conclusion of a shipment so you can make informed decisions that help prevent product waste and increase supply chain efficiency.
  • Receive SMS and email notifications for temperature excursions, low battery alarms, and light and shock sensor alerts.

Includes a 3-Point ISO 17025 certificate, which provides assurance that the data can be trusted when making important product-disposition decisions.

NOTE: The CX1003 is not compatible with the InTemp mobile app or the CX5000 gateway. The logger can only be managed with the InTempConnect cloud platform.


  • Real-time location tracking and temperature monitoring

  • Shock sensors monitor significant shock events for highly sensitive products

  • Cellular data usage included with purchase of each logger, no additional charges or fees

  • Easy-to-read LCD screen displays current temperature

  • Utilizes cellular and public Wi-Fi communications for better location accuracy

  • Automatic flight mode detects when a CX1000 series logger is in flight and shuts off communication for IATA/FAA compliance

  • Google Maps view in InTempConnect dashboard shows current location of assets in shipment, including points where the logger is actively uploading data and location of alerts

  • 21 CFR Part 11 compliant solution

  • SMS and email notifications via InTempConnect if product temperature falls outside the designated threshold

  • 3-point Calibration Certificate with ISO17025/ILAC laboratory accreditation

  • Light sensors to detect if a container/package was unexpectedly opened during the supply chain journey



Country of Origin
United States



Multi-use Cellular Logger
Network Connectivity
CAT M1 (4G) with 2G Global Roaming
WiFi SSID / Cell-ID 100m
Location / Accuracy
WiFi SSID / Cell-ID 100m
31,200 measurements
Data Recording Interval
Min. 5 Minutes up to max. 8 hours (Configurable)
Sending Interval
Min. 30 Minutes Or More (Configurable)
Total Runtime (Rec Duration)
30 days (@ Room Temperature)
3000 mAh, 3.7 Volts, 0.9g Lithium | 30 days at 60 mins sending interval
100 mm x 50 mm x 18.5 mm
3.93 x 1.97 x 0.73 inches
140 g
4.9 oz
Environmental Rating

Temperature Sensor

-20° to 60°C
-68° to 140°F
±1.0°C from -20° to 0°C
±1.8°F from -68° to 32°F
±0.5°C from 0° to 60°C
±0.9°F from 32° to 140°F
±1.0°C from 50° to 70°C
±1.8°F from 122° to 158°F

Fine Print

According To EN 12830, CE, BIS, FCC
Connection Interface
5V DC - USB Type C
Approved As Per AC91.21-ID, AMC CAT.GEN.MPA.140, IATA Guidance Document - Battery Powered Cargo Tracking Data Logger.
CE Compliance Mark
FCC Compliance Mark
Australia New Zealand Compliance Mark