"Quality is doing the right thing when no one is looking." - Henry Ford

Our Quality Statement

Onset's Quality Policy is an integral component of Onset’s management methodology. It ensures every employee is committed to preserving our reputation as a designer and manufacturer of reliable quality products.

Our Policy

  • Onset is committed to delivering products and services of the highest quality that meet customer requirements, and exceed expectations in performance, value, and support.

  • The Company's commitment to quality is shared among ALL company employees. As such, it is an integral part of their responsibilities with the top priority of total customer satisfaction.

  • Onset is committed to achieving operational excellence in all aspects of our business through continuous process improvements.

  • Customers, employees and suppliers are essential to our business success and shall be treated with respect and integrity.

Onset's Quality Management System

The Onset Quality System (QMS) is at the heart of how we comply with ISO 9001:2015 and execute on the intent of our Quality Policy stated above. The QMS defines and controls the critical processes at Onset, including:

  • Documentation Requirements

  • Management Responsibility

  • Resource Management

  • Product Realization

  • Critical Measures and Improvement Identification

We implement our Quality Policy in critical areas throughout our processes at Onset:



Benefits to our customers of ISO 9001:2015

ISO 9001:2015 certification provides Onset customers, suppliers and business partners with the confidence that the company's quality management practices and procedures have been audited and validated through the rigors of an industry-standard accreditation board.

As an Onset customer, you will receive the product you expect per the stated specifications. It also means that you will receive customer service and technical support that is standardized and focused on a commitment to quality.

It gives you more confidence that your products will be delivered on time and manufactured in a uniform and controlled environment.

As an Onset supplier or partner, ISO certification gives you the confidence to know we work in an environment that fosters continuous improvement, and that we hold ourselves accountable through standardized tools including internal audits and product validation testing.To view our ISO 9001:2015 compliance certificate, click here.

NIST Traceable Calibration Services

Through Onset's accredited ISO/IEC 17025 laboratory, InTemp is pleased to offer calibration services for our temperature and relative humidity (RH) data loggers. This service provides our customers with a Certificate of Calibration documenting that the loggers underwent additional testing to validate performance against the loggers' stated accuracy specifications.

Onset's laboratory performs calibration tests using rigorous reference standards that are traceable to the U.S. National Institute of Standards & Technology (NIST). All calibration documents for Onset Standards are documented as part of the Onset Quality Management system and can be produced and reviewed during customer audits.

All InTemp CX Series loggers are calibrated to a NIST traceable standard as part of the manufacturing process and include a Certificate of Calibration in the sales price. For more information, please visit the product page of the specific logger of interest or reach out to an Onset representative for details.

More information is also available on the NIST Temp Page and NIST RH page.

21 CFR Part 11 Compliance

For markets connected to the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), our software products can aid in your system compliance to 21 CFR part 11 regulations governing the requirements for electronic records and electronic signatures. We provide documentation to help you understand the methods we employ for data security and data traceability at the links indicated below for our InTemp software products:

Additional Compliances

The following is a list of additional certifications and compliance statements in support of our products and quality policy:

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