Laptop rests on researcher's lap who sits outside while configuring HOBOlink software, which is visible on the screen
HOBOlink monitoring software connects to mobile phone in field with remote monitoring station
View of HOBOlink laptop dashboard view of data
Diagram showing how HOBOlink works
Sample view of data from HOBO data loggers as it appears on screen

Part Number - HOBOlink

HOBOlink IoT Software for Remote Monitoring

Access, manage, analyze & share your data in the cloud

Important Information

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A powerful cloud IoT platform for RX and MX monitoring systems, HOBOlink lets you remotely manage your data, visualize trends, and stay informed with real-time alerts. By adding a HOBOlink data plan, you gain instant internet access to data from HOBO sensors, data loggers, and remote weather and monitoring stations  for a wide range of applications. With HOBOlink, you can make timely, informed decisions by accessing data from anywhere at any time, leveraging tools to connect to industry-leading software, scheduling reports, configuring calculated channels, and more.

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  • Receive an email or text/SMS message on your phone when conditions exceed set thresholds or if something goes wrong with your system and needs attention
  • Easily configure sensors, logging rates, alarm notifications, relay actions, and more
  • Access your data with a web browser or mobile device
  • Set up and manage alarm notifications remotely
  • Configure a dashboard that highlights your most important measurements
  • Configure calculated channels such as dew point, accumulated rainfall, and evapotranspiration (ET)
  • Easily configure data feeds to industry-leading software, such as NEWA (Network for Environment and Weather Applications)
  • Integrate Google Maps to quickly see all your HOBO devices, or get a view of the connection patterns for your HOBOnet system, and drill down on the details
  • Get instant visualization of your current and historical data in the HOBOlink dashboard, and customize to your specific needs with the dashboard builder and our library of widgets
  • Verify the status of your HOBO station remotely
  • Schedule automated delivery of data
  • Create dashboards that bring data from multiple systems together in a single view
  • Export the exact date range and sensors you want


HOBO Data Plans Overview


HOBO Data Plans Basic 4G Standard 4G Premium 4G  User-Supplied SIM- Basic User-Supplied SIM
  value plan with limited monitoring advanced monitoring capability with standard sensor support advanced monitoring capability with best sensor support bring your own sim limited plan bring your own sim standard plan
Max # of alarms per month 20 unlimited unlimited limited unlimited
Real-time alerts via text messaging and emails yes yes yes yes yes
Max logging interval every minute every minute every minute every 30 minutes every 1 minute
Max connection frequency every hour every 10 minutes every 10 minutes every 6 hours every 10 minutes
Max sensors supported 20 25 65 20 65
Remote access and monitoring via HOBOlink included included included included included
Annual price $199 $299 $350 $49 $149
US only/Global Product Code SP-812/SP-811 SP-814/SP-813 SP816/SP-815 SP-611/SP-611 SP-610/SP-610



Learn about our WiFi, Ethernet and MX Gateway plans here:

HOBOlink Service Plans Page


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System Requirements

  • Google Chrome (current release)
  • Firefox (current release) 
  • Safari 11+

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