Part Number - S-WCG-M003

Ultrasonic Wind Speed & Direction Smart Sensor

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Measures very low wind speeds, down to 0.4 m/s (compared to 1.0 m/s for our mechanical sensors); fast, easy deployment; built-in solar panel.


Compact and rugged with no moving parts, this ultrasonic sensor is able to measure very low wind speeds, down to 0.4 m/s (compared to 1.0 m/s for our mechanical sensors). As with all Onset Smart Sensors, this sensor is plug-and-play with HOBO stations (RX3000, RX2100, USB Micro Station, H22, and the U30-NRC). Because it is automatically recognized by HOBO stations, there is no need for programming, resulting in fast and easy deployment. The sensor is powered by its own built-in solar panel.

Interested in wireless sensors? The wireless Wind Speed & Direction sensor is available for use with the HOBOnet Field Monitoring System.


  • Compact and rugged with no moving parts
  • Plug-and-play with HOBO stations
  • No starting threshold – suitable for low wind speeds
  • No wind direction dead band – accurate wind data in all directions
  • Powered by its own built-in solar panel
  • Affordably priced
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Wind Speed/Gust Wind Direction
Measurement Range 0 to 41.16 m/s (0 to 92.07 mph) 0 to 359 degrees
Accuracy ±0.8 m/s (1.79 mph) or ±4% of reading, whichever is greater 0.2 to 3 m/s (0.44–6.7 mph):
±4 degrees
>3 m/s (6.7 mph): ±2 degrees
Resolution 0.4 m/s (0.89 mph) 1 degrees (0 to 359 degrees)
Measurement Definition Wind speed readings are taken every three seconds for the duration of the logging interval
Wind speed: Average speed for the entire logging interval
Gust speed: The highest three-second wind recorded during the logging interval
See Measurement Operation.
Unit vector averaging used; vector components for each wind measurement are calculated every three seconds for duration of logging interval (see Measurement Operation)
Operating Temperature Range Without Icing -15°C to 55°C (5°F to 131°F)
Environmental Rating Weatherproof
Housing Polyacetal
Dimensions Sensor length: 380 mm (14.96 inches)
Sensor head diameter: 60 mm (2.36 inches)
Sensor rod diameter: 16 mm (0.63 inches)
Weight 200 g (7 oz)
Power Supply Photovoltaic panel, LIFEP04 3.2 V -600 mAh battery
Bits per Sample 8 for each channel, 24 total
Number of Data Channels* 3
Measurement Averaging Option Automatic averaging (see Measurement Operation)
Cable Length Available 3 m (9.8 ft)
Length of Smart Sensor Network Cable* 0.5 m (1.6 ft)

Description: ce

The CE Marking identifies this product as complying with all relevant directives in the European Union (EU).

* A single HOBO station can accommodate 15 data channels and up to 100 m (328 ft) of smart sensor cable (the digital communications portion of the sensor cables).

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Ultrasonic Wind Speed and Direction Smart Sensor (S-WCG-M003) Manual

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Ultrasonic Wind Speed & Direction Smart Sensor (S-WCG-M003) Quick Start

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