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InTemp CX405 Dry Ice Data Logger




BOURNE, MA, January 11, 2021 – Onset, a trusted manufacturer of field-proven data loggers for 40 years, today released a new ultra-low temperature data logger specifically designed for vaccine and pharmaceutical monitoring in storage and transportation environments – the new InTemp CX405-RTD Dry Ice Data Logger with visual display.  


The CX405 leverages Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) technology for convenient wireless communication with Onset’s InTemp mobile application and/or InTemp CX5000 Gateway. Users can easily configure loggers, read out data, and automatically upload reports to InTempConnect, Onset’s cloud platform for command-center control over all logger deployments throughout a user’s global supply chain. 

With a built-in 1.5 m external probe that measures temperatures as low as -95°C (-139°F) and up to 50°C (122°F) with a high degree of accuracy, the CX405 provides reliable monitoring throughout the cold chain, from dry ice to freezer/refrigerator conditions. Equipped with an anti-cut sheath to prevent damage to the probe cable, the data logger also features a built-in LCD screen that displays current temperature, visual alarms, battery level, and minimum and maximum readings. The CX405 is built to FDA, USP, EU, and WHO standards, and is NIST-calibrated with a 2-year NIST calibration certificate (probe only).

“The InTemp CX405 combines highly accurate measurements at ultra-low temperatures with an LCD screen that displays temperature data to ensure vaccine and pharmaceutical efficacy throughout the storage and transportation process,” said Jamie Pearce, Onset InTemp Vice President and General Manager. “And when the logger is coupled with the CX5000 Gateway, users can receive real-time email and/or text notifications of temperature excursions, so they can act quickly to ensure the integrity of products passing through a stopover location or stored at their facility.”

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