Tech Note
Troubleshooting & Maintenance

Follow these instructions if you need to briefly pause a running Gateway, stop a Gateway completely, or reset a Gateway.

• Press the button on the Gateway for one second to pause a running Gateway. Any logger downloads in process will complete, but no other connections to loggers will occur for one minute. After one minute, connections to loggers will resume at the normal schedule.

• To stop a running Gateway, connect to the Gateway with the InTemp app and select Stop Gateway. The Gateway will no longer connect to and download loggers until it is restarted or reconfigured.

• Configured Gateways are locked for a single account. Any user associated with that account can access it. If you need to unlock a Gateway for a user in another account or you need to reset it for other reasons, press the button on the Gateway for at least 10 seconds. Anyone with Gateway Administrator privileges can then connect to the Gateway with the InTemp app and reconfigure it. Note: It may take up to 30 seconds for the Gateway to appear unlocked in the InTemp app.