InTemp App

The free InTemp app makes it a snap to configure and read out InTemp loggers, and automatically upload reports to the InTempConnect cloud service. View data, check logger status, set alarms, and create and share secure PDF reports to streamline reporting and compliance.

With the app, you can choose from preset configurations (for refrigerator, storage, freezer and more) or create your own configuration for other monitoring applications. To keep things secure, you can set an encrypted passkey that other mobile devices will require for connection to the logger.

Who It’s For

The InTemp mobile app is right for you if:

Your organization is using InTemp data loggers to monitor ambient and controlled environments

You want full control of InTemp logger and InTemp Gateway functions, including programming & starting loggers, downloading data, and reporting

Connected Screen

See details about the current logger deployment, including start time, logging interval, alarm limits, and if a daily check has been performed. Additionally you can configure and start the logger, download the recorded data, page the logger and set a passkey.


Easy Configuration

A CX logger configuration contains the logging interval, logger start time, and alarm settings. Select from multiple default configurations or create your own custom configuration.



All CX loggers have an LED indicator that blinks red when temperatures exceed high or low thresholds. CX400 models also have an audible alert.


Quick Checks

Performing daily checks of CX400 loggers is as simple as connecting to the logger and tapping Perform Morning or Afternoon Check. You can also set a reminder in the app for the morning or afternoon.


Loggers Display

The Loggers screen in the InTemp app displays loggers within range in a list sorted by alarm status. Each row in the list represents a single logger, and displays key information such as the deployment name, battery power, status, sensor readings, serial number, and signal strength.

Generating Reports

The InTemp App automatically syncs with the InTempConnect cloud-based service, which provides command-center control over the supply chain. A secure PDF or XLSX report will give you information about when the logger was started and downloaded, a summary of any alarm excursions, a graph, min/max/average temperatures, and an audit report table that shows when and who connected to a logger.


System Requirements

  • iOS 13, 14 and 15
  • Android 8, 9 and 10