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    captain john
    1 week 1 day ago
    I'm wondering if I could use a MX 1105 recorder to measure exhaust gaz temperaure of diesel engine. What sensor to use ? What interface to provide ? Thanks
    1 week 6 days ago
    Will HOBO U23 Pro v2 overwrite the memory when it is full, or just stop recording?
    2 weeks 23 hours ago
    We have a barometric transducer, ua20-001-01 that's been working fine since we programmed on 6/302020 to log every six hours indefinitely. The past two months, it has stopped logging on Feb. 26th and...
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    2 weeks 4 days ago
    Hi, I am having problems getting the software to respond on my Macbook Pro. I can install the software just fine but as soon as I try to open anything it freezes. Help.