Qualified versions:

The following updates to HOBOware® software are available to customers of Onset Computer Corporation under the terms of the License Agreement contained in the installation programs. Users of HOBOware for Mac or Windows can download and install HOBOware 3.7.25 as an update to their existing installation.

Update 3.7.25

Bug Fixes

  • Conductivity assistant does not run on HOBOware 3.7.24

The RX3000 Manager functionality is migrating to the HOBOconnect application. Until that functionality is released we will be maintaining the 3.7.23 release (Windows / MacOS) on the website for use configuring new RX3000 units.

Previous updates

Bug Fixes

  • Upgrade to Log4J v2.17.1
  • Retire RX3000 Manager functionality

The RX3000 Manager functionality is migrating to the HOBOconnect application. Until that functionality is released we will be maintaining the 3.7.23 release (Windows / MacOS) on the website for use configuring new RX3000 units.

Bug Fixes

  • Humidity Statistics incorrect on UX100-23A and UX100-011A
  • Import Text Files Requires Leading Zeros

Bug Fixes

  • Running Barometric Compensation Assistant from Edit Menu fails.
  • Pre-defined Data Assistant problems with foreign language report of usage metrics.
  • Pre-defined kWh Data Assistant fails when certain settings are used.
  • Internationalization: Parsing a date/time using non-internationalized methods fails.
  • Standard Deviation for Temperature of MX2302A is incorrect.
  • Statistics values are not correct for Light Channel.
  • pH Standard Deviation value is not correct on HOBO file export.
  • No translation for "Calibration" used by pH Logger Details Pane.
  • Mac Installer: Signed Kernel Extension installer may not be overwriting old Kext with new one
  • Internationalization: GDD data assistant has untranslated strings

Data Assistant Changes

  • kWh Assistant (Energy Assistant, kWh.jar) changed to v3.2.
  • Linear Scaling Assistant (LinearScaling.jar) changed to v3.1.
  • Growing Degree Days Assistant (DegreeDay.jar) changed to v2.8.

  • Running a Data Assistant on imported text data would fail.
  • Reading a data file using a Predefined Data Assistant would fail.
  • RX Station Manager would fail when trying to change network settings on a logger.
  • Mac Uninstall did not remove the Software License Agreement.
  • Importing Text or CSV files had an unnecessary 25 line minimum.
  • Importing Text or CSV files did not set the Channel Number of the series.
  • All Data Assistant versions have been increased:
    • Conductivity Assistant is v2.7
    • Depth (Barometric Compensation) Assistant is v3.0
    • Dissolved Oxygen Assistant is v1.8
    • kWh (Energy) Assistant is v3.1
    • Growing Degree Days Assistant is v2.7
    • Grains Per Pound Assistant is v2.3
    • Linear Scaling Assistant is v3.0
    • Pulse Scaling Assistant is v2.8

  • We have added voluntary reporting of usage analytics. Customers have the option to opt out of this feature but we are encouraging them to enable it. It helps Onset Computer Corporation determine which features and options they use so we can prioritize the features being added into new products.
  • The Data Assistants have been updated due to usage analytics:
    • Conductivity Compensation Assistant v2.6
    • Depth (Barometric Compensation) Assistant is v2.9
    • Dissolved Oxygen Compensation Assistant is v1.7
    • kWh (Energy) Assistant is v3.0
    • Growing Degree Days Assistant is v2.6
    • Grains Per Pound Assistant is v2.2
    • Linear Scaling Assistant is v2.9
    • Pulse Scaling Assistant is v2.7
  • The HOBOware User's Guide (rev AD) and the Pulse Scaling Assistant User’s Guide (rev K) have been updated.

Bug fix:

  • A link to the HOBOware page on the Onset Website from the License Key Dialog was broken but is fixed now.

  • HOBOware can now handle new versions of U23 loggers (U23-001A and U23-002A) with Sensirion SHT31 RH sensor and Si7051 Temperature sensor.
  • HOBOware added a procedure for dealing with loggers launched with a Waterproof Shuttle with a bad delay value. This should help with more situations than before.

Bug fixes:

  • The Mac version was not able to go directly to the Onset Website Update page.
  • The Mac version was not able to open Help in the default browser.
  • When the MX2501 pH was calibrated while logging, the new calibration for subsequent readings was not being used.

  • Support for the new MX1104 and MX1105 loggers has been added. HOBOware can read HOBO files created with the data from a deployment of those loggers.
  • The APN or Host IP for an RX Station can now be changed without needing to set special Properties in a hard-to-find Properties file.

Bug fixes:

  • A bug that caused HOBOware to crash when setting the network parameters of RX Station loggers (RX3000 and RX2100) with RX Station Manager has been fixed.
  • A bug that prevented importing a HOBOlink CSV file into HOBOware that included a S-THB-Mxxx Temperature/Humidity Smart Sensor has been fixed.
  • A bug that prevented exporting MX2001 data to Excel XLSX files if it contained Water Density events or other events that might contain text in the data cell has been fixed.
  • The new Veris Differential Pressure external analog sensor, T-VER-PX3UL, added in the previous release was not added to the Alarm Settings system of the Launch Dialog so setting the alarm limits were incorrect. This has been fixed.

  • HOBOware recognizes MicroRX (RX2100) and works with RX Series Manager (which has been renamed from "RX3000 Manager")
  • HOBOware now comes bundled with its own copy of the Java Runtime Environment. Windows uses Java 1.8.0_171 and macOS uses Java 9.0.4. Customers no longer need to install and update Java on their computers.
  • HOBOware for Mac is notarized by Apple for macOS 10.14.5 and above. The application bundle is now digitally signed.
  • The Mac now stores its Settings Files (app.properties, OnsetSensorList.xml and ehcache.xml) in the user's Library/Application Support/HOBOware folder because of needing to sign the application bundle.
  • An optional default time zone has been added for Launch, Plot, Export and Import.
  • A new Differential Pressure external analog sensor, model T-VER-PX3UL, was added to the "OnsetSensorList.xml" external sensors list.
  • A new generic class with high display precision was added for HOBOlink series with no corresponding HOBOware class.
  • The Onset Software License Agreement was updated.

Bug fixes:

  • All Asian languages were sending unreadable HOBOnode Alarm emails.
  • The statistics set-up window was not available for the MX1102 and relaunching an MX1102 already in Stats mode did not default to Stats mode.
  • The wrong Dew Point was being calculated for the UX100-011A.
  • The Bulk Export Tool could not export XLSX Excel files.
  • Importing text files and using text files as Barometric compensation worked incorrectly over Daylight Saving Time transition.
  • HOBOware now detects HOBOlink files importing with empty series and removes them with a warning message.

  • Support for the updated UX100-11A, UX100-11AM, UX100-023A and UX100-023AM HOBO loggers. These loggers have new, more precise Relative Humidity sensors that don't need external temperature compensation. The UX100-023A loggers now use a more precise Temperature sensor, too.
  • The Mac Kernel Extension (HOBOkext.kext) needed for Onset USB logger access was updated for the four new UX100 loggers so be sure to include installing the Kernel Extension when you install HOBOware 3.7.16.
  • We have added the Polish language to our list of supported languages. Thanks to our partner in Poland - MERA. Na Zdrowie!
  • Support for reading the HOBO files from the new MX2301A and MX2302A Bluetooth loggers exported from HOBOmobile.
  • HOBOware can now import water level sensor text files exported from HOBOlink. Use class OMWaterLevel.
  • Previously, the plotting of data was artificially limited to an upper limit of the year 2038. That limit was increased to allow customers using the Buddhist calendar and the Hebrew calendar to plot their data.
  • New default units of μmol/m2/s (microMole/square meter/second) have been added for Photosynthetically Active Radiation (PAR) returned by the S-LIA Smart Sensor. The existing uE units (microEinsteins, note, we only used a lower case 'u') has also been changed to μE (note the micro symbol). The units are equivalent (1 μmol/m2/s = 1 μE) and can be switched in HOBOware.
  • A bug was fixed that could cause HOBOware to lock up when checking for updates if the target website timed-out.

  • HOBOware can now open MX2501 (pH Logger) HOBO files from HOBOmobile.
  • HOBOware now runs on Java 10 on Macintosh just as it has on Windows.
  • Exporting data to Excel would sometimes give times in the wrong time zone but that is fixed.
  • The Growing Degree Days Assistant was calculating the three Absolute Methods incorrectly. Now, version 2.5 of the Growing Degree Days Assistant correctly calculates absolute growing degree days.
  • We have dropped Apple OS X 10.9 (Mavericks) and 10.10 (Yosemite) from our testing approved list. HOBOware may still run on these, though.
  • This release of HOBOware corrects a problem for the MX1102 CO2 Logger that was launched with HOBOmobile v1.9.1. The header of the logger will now be read correctly.
  • The "Import Text File from HOBOlink..." File menu item has been removed. You can still import HOBOlink text files that were downloaded some other way.

  • Six new analog Air Velocity sensors can be used with the H22-001, U12-008, -012, -013 and the UX120-006M loggers. The new model numbers are T-DCI-F300-1A3, -1B3, -1C3, T-DCI-F350-W5A3, -W5B3 and -W5C3. This means that once HOBOware 3.7.14 is installed on a Windows computer, older versions of HOBOware (prior to v3.7.14) will not work correctly.
  • Fourteen new configuration files for the new Air Velocity sensors were also added.
  • A new ultrasonic Wind Speed and Wind Direction Smart Sensor, S-WCG, has been added.
  • New firmware updates are available for:
    • MX1102 (Temperature/Humidity/CO2 Logger) now at version 182
    • UX120-006 (4-Channel Analog Logger) now at version 106
    • UX120-014 (4-Channel Thermocouple Logger) now at version 108
  • HOBOware now works on Macintosh Operating System 10.13 (High Sierra).
  • The HOBOware installer on the Macintosh now allows you to install HOBOware and the necessary signed kernel extension separately. You MUST install the new kernel extension with macOS 10.13 and higher and you can optionally install it on older versions of macOS and OS X (next item in this list). Once you have installed the new signed kernel extension, you will not have to install it again.
  • HOBOnode Manager now works on Java 9 but HOBOnode Viewer does not yet work on Java 9.
  • RX3000 Manager now works on Java 9.
  • HOBOware now requires Java 8 or higher for both Windows and Macintosh. The HOBOware Windows installer now installs Java 8 if you don't have any version of Java installed or you have a version older than Java 1.8.0_121. Mac users are still responsible for installing a compatible version of Java themselves.
  • You can now import text data with Water Pressure (with column heading "water pres") and Temperature (with column heading "temp") and can use the Barometric Compensation Assistant on that data.

Bug fixes:

  • An error introduced in HOBOware 3.7.13 when exporting to Excel XLSX files caused the time to be displayed as Eastern Daylight Time Zone (GMT-4). Now, the time zone currently in effect on the computer doing the export is used.
  • Merging datafiles on the Macintosh would sometimes stop and hang the computer with no error message. This has been fixed.
  • An error introduced in HOBOware 3.7.13 caused Project files with Event, State and Filtered series to fail to load the entire Project. This has been fixed.

  • Support for the new MX2200-series Water Temperature Loggers has been added. HOBOware can read HOBO files created with the data from a MX2200-series deployment.
  • The Alarm & Readout Tool does not (and will not) work with Java 9.
  • You can now run the Barometric Compensation Data Assistant on a Project file or Merged files opened in HOBOware.
  • The Korean language has been added back into HOBOware with corrections from our Korean distributor.
  • HOBOnode Viewer now works with Java 8 (it has always worked with Java 7).
  • Exporting to Excel files now stores date/time and data values as numeric data, not text.
  • Exporting to Excel now uses XLSX files (Excel 2007+). Notice, we have dropped the use of XLS (Excel 97-2003).
  • The RX3000 dialog to change APN now works on Mac with latest Java 8.
  • When importing text files, we have added better warning messages when Windows or Mac extended characters are used in the header and UTF-8 character encoding is used in HOBOware.
  • The Grains Per Pound Data Assistant, Linear Scaling Data Assistant and the Pulse Scaling Data Assistant have been updated to save time gaps when saved in a Project file. A bug in earlier versions lost the time gaps (created through the Button Stop and Button Restart options) to make it look like the data created by the Data Assistants was continuous.
  • We now supply Java 1.8.0_131 in the Windows installer to be used if the computer doesn't have the minimum version of Java. This is a first step in removing Java 7 from our list of supported Java versions. Java 7 is no longer updated. We do not supply a Java installer for the Mac.
  • On Windows, a folder named "H21-USB Drivers" is now installed in the HOBOware folder in Program Files. An error prevented this in earlier versions.
  • New firmware (version 14) for UX100 loggers' USB PIC (Sensor PIC firmware unchanged)
  • The HOBOware User's Guide has been updated
  • The Barometric Compensation Assistant User's Guide has been updated

  • Support has been added for the new S-RGE-Mxxx and S-RGF-Mxxx Rain Gauge Smart Sensors. The S-RGE-Mxxx uses US units (inches) for measurement while the S-RGF-Mxxx uses Metric units (millimeters) for measurement.
  • The Quick Start Guide is now consistent for HOBOware distributed on USB Drive and Compact Disk. It is now a simple one-page guide and has been renamed.
  • We have attempted to solve problems with Windows 8 for UX-Series and MX-Series. We suggest updating to Windows 8.1 or Windows 10. An additional solution is to use Windows 7 for UX-Series and MX-Series firmware update.
  • This release of HOBOware temporarily removes the Korean language. We are working to improve the technical aspects of the Korean language translation for inclusion in a future release.

  • We've added Traditional Chinese and Korean to our list of supported foreign languages
  • HOBOware is now distributed on a USB drive in addition to the compact disk
  • The handling of multiple H21-USB loggers is improved (they no longer need to be enabled in Preferences)
  • The Windows drivers needed for H21-USB access are now included on the distribution USB drive and CD
  • We now offer an uninstaller script for HOBOware on the Mac
  • New firmware updates are included for MX1102 and UX100-001, -003, -011, -014, -023 and UX120-006, -014, -018 loggers
  • HOBOware can now determine the type of Smart Sensor plugged into the U14-002 when launching and setting alarms

  • HOBOware can read HOBO files from MX2300 series loggers: MX2301, MX2302, MX2303, MX2304 and MX2305
  • HOBOware was modified to make using the new H21-USB a little more convenient

  • HOBOware can read the HOBO files created by HOBOmobile for the new MX100 logger.
  • A preference for sending metrics back to Onset for future HOBOware enhancements.
  • New Monthly and Weekly filters have been added which work both at launch time and plot time.
  • The Bulk Export Tool open dialog now defaults to the last opened or saved datafile folder.
  • The Barometric Compensation Assistant now allows the use of CSV files for compensation data.
  • A bug was fixed that caused data units to be handled incorrectly not allowing the data to be converted to other units in the Plot Dialog.
  • Also, this could cause the Growing Degree Days Assistant to double-convert temperatures in logged data.
  • A bug was fixed that prevented the Linear Scaling Assistant from initializing when a sensor had no Part Number.
  • A problem caused by Apple changing its default data encoding was fixed for the Import and Export features.
  • Four of the Data Assistants were updated for bug fixes for this release:
    • Conductivity Data Assistant (updated to version 2.5)
    • Growing Degree Days Assistant (updated to version 2.4)
    • Barometric Compensation Assistant (updated to version 2.6)
    • Linear Scaling Assistant (updated to version 2.7)

Improvement for launching Optic Loggers in HOBOware 3.7.8

A more comprehensive method is used to find and correct errors when launching a logger that may have unreliable communications. This is the situation with Optic loggers that may have damaged or dirty cases or be misaligned in the coupler like the UA-series Pendant loggers, UTBI-series TidbiT loggers, U20 Water Level loggers, U22 Water Temperature loggers, U23Temp/RH loggers, U24 Conductivity/Salinity logger and U26 Dissolved Oxygen logger.

Not only does HOBOware correct the errors it can but it warns you about a possible bad connection so you can clean the logger case or check if it needs repair.

OS X 10.11 (El Capitan) and U30, Waterproof Shuttle and RX3000

A bug in early releases of Apple’s OS X 10.11 (El Capitan) causes failures in Onset U30 USB Weather Station, HOBO RX3000 Remote Monitoring Station data loggers and the Waterproof Shuttle (U-DTW-1) USB communications. But this problem was fixed in OS X 10.11.4 (release 4) so we highly recommend that if you are using OS X 10.11 that you update to the latest version of that operating system.

  • A bug was found in HOBOware 3.7.6 right after its release. It prevented the Barometric Compensation Assistant and the Dissolved Oxygen Assistant from using text files for barometric compensation. Now, text files may be used as barometric compensation in those Data Assistants as they were in earlier versions of HOBOware.

  • We have added Simplified Chinese to the list of languages that HOBOware can handle.
  • A new firmware update, Version 24, is available for UX100 series loggers. This update prevents a potential battery reset issue which could result in logging being stopped prematurely. We strongly recommend that you perform this update on your UX100 loggers.
  • HOBOware Help has been restructured to work with HTML5.
  • HOBOware can now handle Unicode characters in users' Home folder name.

  • Support was added for reading. HOBO datafiles from the new HOBO Direct Read Water Level logger (MX2001-xx) and plotting the data, showing the data in table format and displaying details about the device and the launch. HOBOware cannot launch, read out or check the status of this new logger.
  • RX3000 Manager now displays a list of attached sensors in a Conditions panel, similar to HOBOlink, and allows collection and display of readings for each sensor. For analog sensors, only the measured voltage or current is available, not the configured engineering units for the sensor. Also, the dew point temperature for a Temp/RH sensor is not available. NOTE: The latest version of Java 8 is required for this functionality.
  • A new firmware update (version 171) has been added for the MX1102 (CO2) logger.
  • Support has been added for new Rainfall, Wind Speed and Wind Direction Smart Sensors You can now use the S-RGC-M002 (US units) Rain Gauge, S-RGD-M002 (Metric units) Rain Gauge and the S-WCF-M003 combined wind speed/gust/direction sensor.
  • The Onset Computer Corporation Software License Agreement is now copied to the user's computer during installation. On Windows installations, it can be found in the "HOBOware Public Files" folder in the Public Documents folder (\Users\Public\Public Documents\HOBOware Public Files). On OS X installations, it can be found in the HOBOware folder in the User's Documents folder (/Users/<user>/Documents/HOBOware).

HOBOware 3.7.4 is a special version to fix two high priority bugs found in HOBOware 3.7.3. These bugs only affect Onset loggers that allow multiple logging interval:

  • TidbiT UTBI-001 Temperature logger
  • U20 and U20L Water Level loggers
  • U22 Water Temperature logger
  • U23 weatherproof loggers
  • U24 Conductivity/Salinity loggers
  • U26 Dissolved Oxygen logger

Bugs fixed in 3.7.4:

  • Incorrect logging intervals applied to affected logger families. 
    • Changing the logging interval would not be properly applied to loggers at launch – despite displaying properly in the launch dialog.
  • DATA LOSS / Header corruption can result when reading out affected logger families when launched with multiple logging intervals.

  • Support for the new HOBO Temperature/Humidity/Carbon Dioxide logger (MX1102) including launch capability, pre-launch filters, statistics logging (maximum, minimum, average and standard deviation) and the ability to to setup automatic and manual calibration.
  • Support for Windows XP has been dropped with this release. HOBOware may still work under Windows XP but there may be errors and inconsistencies when running under that old, unsupported version of Windows.
  • A new firmware update (v1.05) has been added for the UX120-018 (Plug Load) logger.
  • The Onset Computer Corporation Software License Agreement has been updated. Please read it at your earliest convenience.
  • A bug was fixed that showed up when a plot was saved as a Project file (File - Save Project... [Ctrl-Shift-S]) and one or more Series had been removed. The Removed Series would reappear in the saved Project file. Now, when a Series is removed, it will not be saved in a Project file.
  • A bug was fixed when a Series was removed by right-clicking on the Series in the Details Pane tree and selecting Remove Series. This action was not added to the Undo/Redo stack. Now it is.
  • A bug was fixed that prevented the use of Hide/Show Series for Filtered Series.
  • A bug was fixed in the "Submit Technical Support Request" item under the Help menu so you can once again use this easy method to send information to Onset Computer about technical problems you may have with our loggers or software.
  • A bug was fixed that prevented the use of a HOBO U24 Conductivity/Salinity Logger datafile as part of the compensation of HOBO U26 Dissolved Oxygen Logger data in the Dissolved Oxygen Data Assistant.
  • A bug was fixed in the Plot Dialog where time zone offsets were limited to -13 hours to +13 hours. But West Samoa Time in Daylight Saving Time is GMT+14 and Java actually allows offsets from -18 to +18 hours. We now handle that range.
  • When importing text files and an error occurs on a specific line in the data, HOBOware now attempts to display the line number on which the error occurred.
  • Manuals are no longer included in the HOBOware installation. Links to the PDF manuals on our Website can be found in the HOBOware Help on the Welcome page.
  • All the information from the Data Assistant manuals are now incorporated in HOBOware Help.

  • Series that are plotted can now be easily hidden and shown again using a right-click pop-up menu in the Details Pane, from the Edit menu and from the plotted series right-click pop-up in the Plot Pane. To hide or show a series without rescaling the plot, press and hold he Shift key while selecting the action in the menu.
  • A Japanese translation of HOBOware is now available.
  • HOBOware no longer works on Java 1.6 or earlier. This is a major change. Now, you must have Java 1.7 or above installed on your computer. For OS X, this means you can no longer use the Apple supplied Java 6 release. Go to http://java.oracle.com and download a disk image for the Java Runtime Environment (JRE) for Java 7 or higher and install it.
  • Firmware updates can now be performed on UX-series loggers that support it on Windows 8 in addition to Windows 7.
  • Manuals are no longer included in the HOBOware installation. Links to the PDF manuals on our Website can be found in the HOBOware Help on the Welcome page.
  • All the information from the Data Assistant manuals are now incorporated in HOBOware Help.
  • The kWh (Energy), Linear Scaling and Pulse Linear Scaling Data Assistants were modified for a bug introduced in OS X for the Apple Macintosh computer in allowing it to work with Java 7 and above. That is only applicable for HOBOware 3.7.2 and above. Those Data Assistants are now at revisions:
    • kWh.jar - version 2.8
    • LinearScaling.jar - version 2.6
    • PulseScaling.jar - version 2.5
  • A new wind speed Smart Sensor (S-WSB) can be used to record wind speeds up to 167 miles per hour (or 75 meters per second).

  • HOBOware Lite has been renamed. It is now simply called HOBOware. HOBOware Pro keeps its name.
  • The newly renamed HOBOware is now free.
  • Free HOBOware can now be used with our loggers that use a serial port. Those loggers are the U30, the H21 Weather Station and Micro Station and the H22 Energy Logger.
  • The Linear Scaling and Pulse Scaling Data Assistants can now be used with Free HOBOware. The other Data Assistants can only be used with HOBOware Pro.
  • Free HOBOware can now pre-define Linear Scaling and Pulse Scaling at Launch time for sensors that can use scaling.
  • The resolution of the RMS Current channel for the new UX120-018 Plug Load Logger has been increased to 4 decimal places to show the true resolution of 8.3 mA that the sensor is capable of.

Support for the new HOBO Plug Load logger (UX120-018) including launch capability, pre-launch filters, statistics logging (maximum, minimum and average) and the ability to stop and restart logging during a single deployment.

  • Support for the new HOBO 4-Channel Analog logger (UX120-006M), including launch capability, pre-launch filters, alarms, burst logging, statistics logging (maximum, minimum, average, and standard deviation), and the ability to stop and restart logging during a single deployment.
  • Allows use of any external analog sensor compatible with the U12-006 with the HOBO 4-Channel Analog logger (UX120-006M).
  • Support for the new CABLE-ADAP24 external input cable for measuring DC voltages from 0 - 24 volts maximum.
  • A new preference for exporting the information in the Details Pane and series data from the Points Table in the same file.
  • New firmware updates have been added for the following loggers: UX100-001, UX100-003, UX100-011, UX100-014M, UX100-023, UX120-014M, UX120-006.
  • High priority bug fixes including:
    • Sensor labels now displayed on child statistics series
    • Status current readings corrected for U12-012 Light sensors
    • More accurate information provided in the Details Pane for Burst Logging Settings
    • Support added for partial time zones with negative GMT offsets
    • Fixed bug that prevented some exports of text data from writing the files to disk.

  • Support for the new HOBO 4-Channel Thermocouple logger (UX120-014M), including launch capability, pre-launch filters, alarms, burst logging, statistics logging (maximum, minimum, average, and standard deviation), and the ability to stop and restart logging during a single deployment.
  • The ability to assign labels to sensors for all logger models in the Launch Logger window, a feature previously only available for station loggers, such as the HOBO U30 and Micro Station.
  • Enhancements to the export table data feature, including the ability to set the default order of measurement types in the Export Settings preferences and to quickly reorder series in the Export window by dragging them.
  • Other high priority bug fixes including:
    • Fixed the Help > Submit Technical Support Request feature.

  • Removed ability to launch UX100 loggers with wrap enabled in Burst logging mode.
    • This will be fixed in 3.5
  • Other high priority bug fixes including:
    • Fixed inability to plot datafiles from a deployment with Filters at Launch and a logging mode of Burst during which the data did not exceed the limits to log at the Burst logging interval.
    • Fixed Pendant G loggers not offering Fast mode in the Launch window.
    • Fixed wrapped data files with incorrect GMT offset when opened on a system with a time zone offset different than the launch time zone offset.

  • Support for the new HOBO UX100 series data loggers, including launch capability, pre-launch filters, alarms, burst logging, statistics logging (maximum, minimum, average, and standard deviation), and the ability to stop and restart logging during a single deployment.
  • A firmware upgrade tool that automatically detects when a new firmware file is available for UX series data loggers and walks you through the update process.
  • Improvements to the process of exporting data points, including the ability to select individual series or event types and to sort columns.
  • The ability to shows gaps in series when merging datafiles or when plotting a UX100 logger that had stopped and resumed logging.
  • Support for the new Windows 8 operating system.
  • Other high priority bug fixes including:
    • Improved reading out and opening Pendant data files that may have a corrupt header.
    • Fixed dragging and zooming with state series.
    • Series Statistics for state series in the plot now update if a series is cropped or merged.
    • Improved performance when exporting to a network folder

  • Support for the following languages and their associated formats in the software user interface: Spanish (Spain), Portuguese (Portugal), and German (Germany); Help and user guides are available in English only.
  • Other high priority bug fixes including:
    • Technical Support Request failures have been corrected.
    • Pre-filters now show up as choices in the Merge Setup window.

  • A data encoding preference added to the General preferences that controls whether data in HOBOware is imported and exported based on UTF-8 or operating system standards.
  • French language support for the software user interface (Help and user guides are available in English only).

(Note: HOBOware 3.3.0 is an English-only release.)

Added in HOBOware Lite 3.3.0 for Windows and Mac:™

  • Support for the new HOBO UX90 series data loggers, including launch capability, advanced sensor configuration, and pre-launch filters. The models supported with this release are the State/Pulse/Event/Runtime logger (UX90-001x), Light On/Off logger (UX90-002x), Motor On/Off logger (UX90-004x), and Occupancy/Light logger (UX90-005x/-006x).
  • Several other high priority bug fixes.

Note: HOBOware 3.2.2 is an English-only release.)

Added in HOBOware Lite 3.2.2 for Windows and Mac:™

  • Enhanced display preferences for sorting data series in the Status and Plot Setup windows.
  • A revision to the calculation for T-CDI-5200-10S and T-CDI-5400-20S sensors when used with U-series loggers ensuring data is displaying properly.
  • Support for Java 7.
  • Several other high priority bug fixes.

(Note: HOBOware 3.2.1 is an English-only release.)

Added in HOBOware Lite 3.2.1 for Windows and Mac:™

  • The ability for all non-administrator users to run HOBOware on Windows (administrator privileges are required to install HOBOware, map and unmap file assocations, and load new Data Assistants).
  • Compatibility with iMac® and MacBook® Pro and Intel® Core i5 and i7processors.
  • A revision to the calculation for the S-SMD Soil Moisture Sensor ensuring data is displaying accurately.
  • Macintosh support for the U24 series loggers.
  • Several other high priority bug fixes.

(Note: HOBOware 3.2.0 is an English-only release. In addition, HOBOware 3.2 is not yet compatible with the Alarm and Readout Tool. Onset will release an update soon to address the issue.)

  • A redesigned launch window for quick logger configuration and easy sensor setup.
  • Faster processing times for opening large data files (512K and up).
  • The ability to create filtered series when launching the logger, which allows you to automatically generate custom series, such as average temperature per day, when you read out the logger and plot data.
  • Support for the new HOBO 4-Channel Pulse Input Data Logger (UX120-017x), including advanced sensor configuration for setting maximum pulse frequency and lockout times as needed in raw pulse channels.
  • Support for the new Onset Energy and Power Meter (T-VER-E50B2), including single-step configuration with the HOBO 4-Channel Pulse Input Data Logger (UX120-017x) and automatic calculation of numerous additional data series for analysis.
  • Support for the new HOBO Conductivity/Salinity Logger (U24-002).
  • The option to disable logging the battery channel by default on some loggers, which can extend battery life and memory space.

  • A change was made to the way data from command responses for some loggers is processed, to correct a problem that caused loggers with certain sensor serial numbers not to be launched.  This change affects the H21 Weather Station & Micro Station, H22 Energy Logger, and HOBO U30.  We recommend that all users of those logger types install this update to HOBOware.
  • This release contains both English and French content throughout.

  • Fix for a bug where some channels from U-Series loggers showed up as Raw when plotted.
  • Addition of French language content in the software and documentation.
  • The installer and application are now digitally signed.
  • The 32 and 64 bit installers are now combined into a single installer.
  • Other minor bug fixes.

  • Ability to open multiple datafiles in one step
  • File and series merging - combining data from multiple files into one file, and merging series from the same sensor/logger into one data series.
  • Additional toolbar icons for opening Filter and Add Graph Label windows
  • Ability to export directly to .xls (Excel) format
  • Option to submit a technical support request to Onset directly from the Help menu, which will automatically include log files that will be needed in the case of a problem.