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    1 day 22 hours ago
    How can a HOBO Weather Station user (RX3003) provide data from a station to the Citizen Weather Observer Program? This program feeds data into NOAA and other meteorological organizations. Since the...
  • 1 Comment
    1 week 1 day ago
    I'm trying to register an MX2301 onto HOBOlink but I can't find the device key. The sticker is on the side of the logger. Which # is the device key? Thanks.
  • 1 Comment
    1 week 2 days ago
    Hello, is there a way to set an alarm on the average value of an analogue channel and not on the instantaneous value? I have set the Sampling Interval but it seems that the alarm is managed only on...
  • 1 Comment
    1 week 2 days ago
    Hi, Plz check the following photo. my hoboware suddenly become a mess while I opened it today. I've reinstalled it for 3 times and tried for 3 version, moreover I...