AQUARIUS Automated Data Feed from Onset's HOBOlink

AQUARIUS users can now set up an automated data feed from Onset’s HOBOlink.

AQUARIUS Analytics Software for Water Environments: a secure cloud platform – without the hassle of IT.

Works with Onset’s HOBO RX2100 and RX3000 remote monitoring stations

AQUARIUS Analytics Software for Water Environments:

AQUARIUS streamlines the management of continuous and discrete water data with powerful data processing tools and automated storage, processing, and workflows yielding defensible data. AQUARIUS also transforms data into information by adding historical and meaningful context that provides actionable insights. Communication with stakeholders is improved through meaningful dashboards filled with rich graphics and maps.
Organizations rely on AQUARIUS for timely & accurate information to empower better, faster decision-making in the management of their water resources.

Frequently Asked Questions
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How difficult is it to set up an AQUARIUS data feed in HOBOlink?


As long as you follow the step-by-step instructions in HOBOlink carefully, it is not hard to set up a data feed to AQUARIUS. You will need to use AQUARIUS Connect and have access to an ftp site. The basic flow of the data is:

Onset-AQUARIUS process

For detailed instructions, see “Setting up an AQUARIUS Date Feed” on page 71 of the HOBOlink User’s Guide:

How do I buy AQUARIUS?


Contact Aquatic Informatics, the creator of AQUARIUS.

2400 – 1111 West Georgia St
Vancouver, BC V6E 4M3
1.877.870.2782 | +1.604.873.2782

How do I enter an AQUARIUS Stage-Discharge Curve in HOBOlink?


AQUARIUS provides powerful and easy-to-use tools for creating stage-discharge curves for your sites. Once you have a curve created for your site, you can enter points from that curve into a HOBOlink Stage-Discharge Table, that will be used to create a water flow data channel from incoming water level data. The resulting water flow data can be used be used for alarm notifications, shown in graphs or exported. HOBOlink allows entering up to 20 points in a stage-discharge table. HOBOlink uses linear lines between these points to calculate the discharge values between points entered. For the best accuracy, you will want to enter the most points for areas of the curve where the slope is changing the most.