The new MX Gateway automatically transmits data from your HOBO MX Bluetooth data loggers, right to the cloud! Now you can use Onset's cloud HOBOlink software to remotely manage your data, set alarm notifications, and create custom dashboards. Saves time by reducing multiple site visits.


HOBO MX1100 Series Data Loggers


Part number MX1101 MX1102A MX1104 MX1105
Price USD $155 USD $630 USD $210 USD $210 USD
Measurement Temp/RH CO2/Temp/RH Analog/Temp/RH/Light 4-Channel Analog
Data Offload Bluetooth (BLE) Bluetooth (BLE) or USB Bluetooth (BLE) Bluetooth (BLE)


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Frequently Asked Questions

The HOBO MX data loggers listed in the table above (MX1100, MX2200, and MX2300 series) are all compatible with the MX Gateway. And we will be adding new MX loggers soon!

To connect compatible HOBO MX data loggers with an MX Gateway, the loggers must be configured with the gateway option enabled through Wi-Fi or Ethernet in the HOBOconnect app, AND with the same HOBOlink account.

The MX Gateway can support up to 100 HOBO MX data loggers.

If one MX Gateway has a poor connection to a logger, another gateway in the group can transmit data from that logger instead, expanding the coverage area.

The range for successful wireless communication between the MX Gateway and HOBO MX data loggers is approximately 100 feet, with full line-of-sight. If there are obstacles between your MX Gateway and loggers, such as walls or metal objects, the connection and the range between loggers and the gateway may decrease.

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