MX Gateway


MX Gateway

Remote Access to Your Data
and Cloud Storage!

MX Gateway

$375 USD

The new MX Gateway automatically transmits data from your HOBO MX Bluetooth-enabled (BLE) data loggers, right to the cloud! Now you can use Onset's cloud-based HOBOlink software to remotely manage your data, set alarm notifications, and create custom dashboards. Saves time by reducing multiple site visits.

Key Advantages:

  • Near real-time measurements to your HOBOlink dashboard 
  • Alarm notifications via email or SMS text messages
  • Unlimited cloud storage via 
  • Transmits data from Bluetooth-enabled HOBO MX loggers within 100-foot range
  • Wi-Fi & Ethernet connectivity


Cloud Access to Your Data

The MX Gateway works with Onset’s HOBOlink software, giving you powerful web-based access to your data.

  • View and analyze data in HOBOlink from any Bluetooth-enabled HOBO MX data logger connected to the MX Gateway
  • Easily configure alarms such as out-of-range measurements, low-battery warnings, and more
  • Create custom dashboards for data visualization
  • Export data or set automated data delivery
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How it Works

Step 1
Set up an account at
Step 2
Connect your MX Gateway to Wi-Fi or Ethernet
Step 3
Configure your BLE loggers to the MX Gateway
Step 4
Place your BLE loggers within 100 feet of the MX Gateway
Step 5
View measurements, set alarms, and export data

Compatible with HOBO MX Series Data Loggers



HOBO MX1101 Data Logger HOBO MX1102 Data Logger HOBO MX1104 Data Logger HOBO MX1105 Data Logger HOBO MX2300 Data Logger HOBO MX2200 Data Logger
Part number MX1101 MX1102 MX1104 MX1105 MX2300 Series * MX2200 Series *
Price USD $135 USD $595 USD $185 USD $185 USD Starting at $145 USD Starting at $54 USD
Measurement Temp / RH CO2 Temp / RH Temp / RH / Light / Analog 4-Channel Analog Temp / RH Temp / Light
* Indoor Applications Only
Frequently Asked Questions
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Which HOBO MX data loggers will work with the MX Gateway?


The HOBO MX data loggers listed in the table above (MX1100, MX2200, and MX2300 series) are all compatible with the MX Gateway. And we will be adding new MX loggers soon!

How do I connect HOBO data loggers with an MX Gateway?


To connect compatible HOBO MX data loggers with an MX Gateway, the loggers must be configured with the gateway option enabled through Wi-Fi or Ethernet in the HOBOconnect app, AND with the same HOBOlink account.

How many HOBO MX data loggers can be connected to one MX Gateway?


The MX Gateway can support up to 100 HOBO MX data loggers.

Can I use multiple MX Gateways to boost connectivity?


If one MX Gateway has a poor connection to a logger, another gateway in the group can transmit data from that logger instead, expanding the coverage area.

Can the MX Gateway connect to loggers through walls and surfaces?


The range for successful wireless communication between the MX Gateway and HOBO MX data loggers is approximately 100 feet, with full line-of-sight. If there are obstacles between your MX Gateway and loggers, such as walls or metal objects, the connection and the range between loggers and the gateway may decrease.