HOBO MicroRX Station

Easy-to-deploy, Affordable
Web-based Monitoring

HOBO MicroRX Station

4G cellular stations starting at $560

The new web-enabled HOBO® MicroRX station is an easy-to-deploy, low-cost cellular field monitoring solution. With a compact size and rugged design, the MicroRX Station offers long-term, reliable environmental monitoring. Configurable station-side alarms provide immediate notification of critical conditions, and Onset’s cloud-based HOBOlink® platform makes it easy to view, access, and share your data.

Key Advantages:

  • Optional integrated solar panel for easy deployment
  • Battery-powered option for covered or shaded deployment locations 
  • Wide range of research-grade plug-and-play sensors 
  • Optional water level sensor input, and water flow conversion
  • Station-side alarms include new accumulated rainfall alarm
  • Real-time monitoring with up to 10-minute connection rates via 4G cellular

Powerful Access to your Data in Real Time

Access your field monitoring data anywhere on your desktop or mobile device with Onset’s powerful cloud-based HOBOlink software. Customizable dashboards and easily-configurable alarms make your field data more accessible and meaningful.

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Long-Term, Reliable Field Monitoring

With a compact and rugged design, the MicroRX Station provides long-term reliable performance, even in harsh conditions.

Multi-Channel Monitoring in any Field Environment

Environmental Research

Rugged and reliable microclimate monitoring in harsh field conditions, with access to your data from anywhere.

Agricultural Research

Field condition monitoring and data collection to help save water, enhance crop quality, and increase yields.

Commercial Agriculture

Critical field condition monitoring for optimal irrigation, pest control, and harvest timing decisions.

Water Use Tracking

Optional water level sensors and integrated flow calculations for automated water use tracking and alert notifications.

Available Measurements

& Humidity
Light-PAR &
Solar Radiation
Wind Speed
& Direction
Leaf Wetness
Barometric Pressure
Water Level
Calculated Evapo-

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