InTemp CX500, CX600, and CX700 series data loggers are a great storage and transit/logistics solution. And when used in conjunction with the InTemp CX5000 Gateway device, they will alarm and send notification in the event of an excursion.

Unlike the CX400 series loggers, CX500, CX600, and CX700 loggers will not alarm again unless the logger is re-configured. So, if your Gateway profile is set to "download and continue" and you receive an alarm, you must manually download and restart the logger.

If you are using a CX503, CX603, or CX703 logger (note the “3” in the model number), it's best to set your Gateway profile to "download and restart" at your specified interval, if alarming is necessary. Models like the CX502 (note the “2”), require a "download and continue" if you are using the Gateway.


Tech Note