Temperature Monitoring Solutions

Hospitals, Clinics and Vaccines for Children (VFC)
With InTemp, you can streamline your temperature monitoring process while meeting CDC, VFC and WHO digital data logger guidelines, with the added benefit of real-time alert notifications when not in the office.
Clinical Trials
InTemp's mobile technology enables effortless access and sharing of temperature data at multiple touchpoints in the supply chain through the point of delivery.
Pharmaceutical Logistics
InTemp provides full supply chain temperature visibility that leverages existing mobile technology. It helps drive down investigation costs and reduce excursions and product loss.
Laboratory Storage
InTemp’s laboratory storage solutions provide monitoring across all your lab storage environments with a streamlined process for deployment, management and collection of data.

InTemp is Onset's cold chain monitoring solution for the storage and transportation of temperature-sensitive products, empowering users with accurate, secure, and actionable temperature data.

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