Bluetooth wireless data loggers streamline real-time data collection and offer many benefits that can enhance your monitoring needs. These five reasons outline why these data loggers solve many issues and provide a great solution for countless applications.

Five Ways That Wireless Data Loggers Streamline Monitoring

Five Ways That Wireless Data Loggers Streamline Monitoring

1. Provide easy access to data and hard-to-reach locations

Using wireless technology, Bluetooth data loggers can offload data without time-consuming procedures or having to manually access the logger (except underwater locations...Bluetooth does not travel through liquid)

2. Connect with smart phones, tablets & WIFI cloud monitoring software

You can access data from Bluetooth loggers anywhere, anytime when data is sent via a nearby remote monitoring station to a mobile device, or to cloud monitoring software.

3. Can be used for countless applications

Bluetooth loggers are a convenient solution for monitoring buildings, vaccines, persishable products, exhibits, weather, water, agricultural conditions, and more

4. Provide real-time, accurate, reliable data

Rugged, research-grade enclosures and strict compliance standards ensure data is logged with precision and then sent at intervals that you can set.

5. Simplify set-up, configuring, and reporting

Because Bluetooth wireless data loggers can connect without wires and to WiFi and the cloud, set-up and other functions can be handled from a central location or the cloud for one, or many, loggers, at once. 

Mobile phone screen view of HOBOconnect mobile remote monitoring app exporting and sharing data loggers information
Phone screen view on HOBOconnect monitoring app showing data logger configurations