Developing innovative temperature-regulating technologies requires accurate and reliable monitoring equipment that collects data wirelessly and remotely.

Check out this on-demand webinar, part of HOBO’s Thought Leader Webinar Series, presented by Dr. Matthew Aguayo of EnKoat, an advanced materials company focused on sustainable solutions. You’ll learn how Dr. Aguayo and his team are using a variety of HOBO temperature monitoring tools, including Bluetooth-enabled HOBO temperature data loggers, to measure thermal performance in both lab and field-scale experiments to rapidly prototype next-generation building products that enhance building performance and decarbonize the built environment.

About Dr. Aguayo

Dr. Matthew Aguayo is the co-founder and CEO of EnKoat, an advanced materials company focused on developing innovative solutions to decarbonize the built environment. Dr. Aguayo received his Ph.D. in Structures & Materials.


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