Coating the interior of welded steel petroleum fuel tanks is no simple task. To ensure the work is done properly and that crews remain safe, blasting & coating companies must follow strict monitoring regulations. From the beginning of abrasive blasting through each coating application, and for four days after the last coating is applied, dehumidification and ventilation equipment are used to control humidity, temperature, and vapor levels in the tank. Throughout the entire process, continuous monitoring of conditions is required. A blasting & coating contractor reached out to Onset for a highly accurate monitoring solution that would not only ensure compliance with regulations, but also provide instant alarm notifications if something should go wrong.


Onset recommended the HOBOnet remote monitoring system, a cost-effective and scalable solution for web-based monitoring of indoor conditions. A flexible HOBO RX3000 station, the core component of the system, works with high-precision sensors that record temperature, relative humidity, and dew point. Wired sensors can be plugged directly into the station. And wireless HOBOnet sensors, which can be used to cover a wide area, have a powerful radio signal that can transmit through walls and back to the main station.

For proper compliance, the HOBO RX station is configured to record measurements at one-minute intervals. Measurements are stored in the station, and then automatically transmitted to HOBOlink, Onset’s cloud-based platform. There, the contractor can view data in a tabular or graphical format, customize a dashboard for instant visualization of current and historical data, and select specific thresholds that trigger automatic alarm notifications via text or email.

The HOBO RX station can be powered using a solar panel or AC power supply, and it includes a built-in battery backup that ensures uninterrupted data collection during the entire blasting & coating process.


Once he started deploying HOBOnet monitoring systems at jobsites, the contractor has been able to more fully focus on the task at hand – blasting and properly applying multiple coats of epoxy to the interior of fuel tanks.

HOBOlink makes it easy for him to view data from anywhere at any time, simply by logging into a web-based account. Using the automatic data delivery feature in HOBOlink, he’s able to save time by keeping Contracting Officers informed throughout the process, without disrupting his work. He also enjoys peace of mind, knowing that he’ll receive alerts via text or email if customized alarm conditions are reached, so he can ensure the safety of his crews.

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