Setting the Language/Format on Your Computer

The HOBOware user interface has been translated from English into several languages, which are supported by specific formats. For supported languages, please see our hoboware features listing. To change the language displayed in the HOBOware user interface, you must change the language/format settings on your computer as described below.


  • The supported languages only work with the specific format or country listed above. For example, Portuguese is supported in the Portugal format only and not with Brazil.
  • The HOBOware Help and all related documentation are available in English only.
  • If you are using HOBOnode Manager: The language in use at the time the original HOBO datanode network database was created is the only language that can be used for that database. You cannot switch to another language. If you need to change the locale on the computer that contains your HOBO datanode network database, you must first back up and then move or rename the database before changing the locale on the computer. Then, form a new network to create a database that operates in the new locale.

On Windows 10:

  1. Close HOBOware.
  2. From the Start menu, select Settings > Time & Language.
  3. Select Region & Language.
  4. Select your country or region.
  5. Reopen HOBOware.

On Windows 7 and Windows 8:

  1. Close HOBOware.
  2. Open the Control Panel and select Region and Language
  3. Under the Formats tab, select the desired language/format and click OK to save the changes.
  4. Reopen HOBOware.

On Macintosh OS X:

  1. Close HOBOware.
  2. Open System Preferences and access Language & Text Preferences.
  3. Under the Language tab, drag the desired language to the top of the list. If the desired language does not appear in the list, click the "Edit List…" button to add it.
  4. Under the Formats tab, ensure the correct Region is selected in the drop-down menu. Example: For Spanish (Spain), Spanish must be first in the Language list, and Spain must be selected under the Region drop-down menu.
  5. Reopen HOBOware.


Tech Note