Part Number - S-RTA-M006

RX Runtime Smart Sensor

6m cable

$95.00 USD
Measures and records the percent ON of any AC-powered device with an AC current switch and time ON (closed) of contact closures over the logging interval; works with HOBO RX monitoring stations.


Measures the percent ON of any AC-powered device with an AC current switch, and time ON (closed) of contact closures. Ideal for equipment runtime monitoring, boiler efficiency monitoring, pump monitoring, and engine monitoring. This sensor is compatible with HOBO RX monitoring stations.


  • Plug-and-play smart sensor
  • Works with all HOBO RX stations
  • Automatically communicates configuration data to the station
  • 1-second runtime resolution
  • 6m cable length
Country of Origin
United States


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Input Sampling Period
1 second
External Contact Input
Solid state switch closure, logic driven voltage output, or open/closed mechanical switch
Preferred Switch State
Normally open
Solid State Switch Closure
Input Low: < 10 KΩ; Input High: > 300 KΩ
Logic Signal Level
Logic 0: < 0.4 V DC, Logic 1: > 2.5 V DC
Internal Weak Pull-Up
100 KΩ
Input Range
0 to 3.6 V
User Connection
24 AWG wires, 2 leads: white(+), black(-)
Operating Temperature Range
-40° to 75°C
-40° to 167°F
Time Accuracy
±4 seconds due to potential clock differences between the sensor and the station. Note that longer logging intervals can result in the maximum error.
Overall Cable Length
6.5 m
21.3 ft.
Housing Materials
Weatherproof polyamide housing for smart sensor adapter
Length of Smart Sensor Cable*
50 cm
1.6 ft.
200 g
7.06 oz
Number of Data Channels
Bits per Sample
12 bits for channel logging runtime as percent
16 bits for channel logging runtime in seconds
Measurement Averaging Option


A single HOBO RX station can accommodate 15 data channels and up to 100 m (328 ft) of smart sensor cable (the digital communications portion of the sensor cables).
CE Compliance Mark
UKCA Compliance Mark

Compatible items

Web-based Monitoring Systems - via remote communication


$110.00 USD

What's in the box

  • RX Runtime Smart Sensor with 6m cable
  • 2 wire nuts


RX Runtime Smart Sensor (S-RTA-M006) Quick Start

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RX Runtime Smart Sensor (S-RTA-M006) Manual

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Normally open is the preferred switch state of the sensor.

The HOBO RX Runtime Sensor measures the amount of time between the opening and closing of a contact closure over the logging interval.

The HOBO RX Runtime Sensor is suitable for both outdoor and indoor environments.

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