Part Number - T-SDX-93030-010

Desiccant Cartridge for Stevens SDX for Preventing Moisture Ingress

During Gauged/Vented Water Level Readings Using Atmospheric Pressure

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$45.00 USD
The Stevens SDX Pressure Sensor is a "Wet-Wet" device.

Important Information

This is to be used with the Stevens SDX Pressure Sensor.


The Stevens SDX Pressure Sensor is a "Wet-Wet" device. While it is important to keep the SDX cable's vent tube unobstructed for barometric pressure compensation, neither the pressure transducer nor internal electronics are damaged by condensation or moisture entering the vent tube. It is recommended that each SDX vent tube is protected from water ingress with either a vent tube cap (T-SDX-93030-500) or this desiccant cartridge.


Country of Origin
United States

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Regenerating the T-SDX-93030-010 Desiccant Cartridge Technical Note

This technical note provides details on how to regenerate the desiccant cartridge (T-SDX-93030-010) used with the Stevens SDX water level monitorin

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