What is NEWA?

The Network for Environment and Weather Applications ( NEWA ) is part of the New York State Integrated Pest Management Program and Cornell Cooperative Extension at Cornell University. NEWA tools, which are developed by university researchers using published research coupled with regional extension expertise in 20 U.S. member states, are available at no additional cost beyond the purchase of a compatible HOBO weather station. NEWA has been providing crop risk assessments since 1995, with users reporting annual average savings of $33,048 from crop loss prevention and $4,329 from reduced pesticide applications.



  NEWA network features:  

HOBO Weather Stations feature:

Plant disease models Reliable weather monitoring with low-cost annual data plans
Insect pest development models Alarm notifications via text or email
Crop production models 24/7 data access via HOBOlink
Free access in member states  


How can NEWA help you improve your operations?

How can NEWA help you improve your operations?

Stay Informed

Receive real-time alerts of critical conditions and a detailed view of crop monitoring data, all on a single, customizable dashboard.

Save Time & Money

Avoid wasted pesticide applications and determine the risk of disease or pest emergence by confirming wind, temperature, and humidity conditions.

Protect your crops from climate impacts

To prevent crop loss, connect up to 50 powerful wireless sensors to monitor microclimates over a wide area. Real-time alerts allow rapid decision-making to protect plants from frost and excess heat.

Improve irrigation management & efficiency

Use soil moisture, evapotranspiration, and rain data to irrigate only when needed and determine water retention and moisture patterns.

Optimize water usage

Easily track and record water level and flow remotely, to assess irrigation and detect leaks.

Stay Informed
Save time and money
Protect your crops from climate impacts
Improve irrigation management & efficiency
Optimize water usage
NEWA tools
NEWA partner states

NEWA Recommended Starter Kit

  • Step 1
    Kit Includes
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    Sensor Options
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    Step 3 Mounting Options
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Step 1 Kit includes (one of each)

RX2106 MicroRX Station
Leaf wetness sensor
Temp/RH Sensor with Radiation Shield
Solar Radiation Sensor, Bracket and Level
Wind Speed & Direction Sensor
Rain Gauge
US$ 2722

Frequently Asked Questions

Highly configurable, our starter kit gives you the foundation to customize a system that's ideal for your farm. Our sales team is happy to work through your unique needs and select products that meet them. For example, we might want to consider wireless sensors to help map true temperature of apple trees on an orchard, or detect potential freeze points for bogs. We can also leverage these wireless sensors to provide soil moisture mapping throughout a berry farm.

Currently it is not. However, NEWA does allow you to display your soil moisture data in its interface, and of course you can always access it through HOBOlink.com to view, alarm, or export this information.

Soil moisture data can help you determine the ideal time for seeding and planting. It can also assist in cases where you may have varying landscapes and irrigation management is critical to optimal production.