Onset is proud to help our valued customers succeed in their business, from water quality monitoring and environmental research with our water and outdoor products, to energy auditing, HVAC system monitoring, and preservation management with our indoor products.

But we also play a part in supporting our local community, whether it’s volunteering at the local food pantry, hosting an annual Valentine’s Day dance for a Special Workshop Opportunities Program, providing Toys for Tots support around the holidays, volunteering at school "Maker" and science fairs, and more.

So we thought it was pretty great when we heard that our VP of Sales, Greg Greenberg, helped a local student with his senior project.

Greg acted as a mentor to local Barrington High School student Oskar Schnippering, and helped install a HOBO weather station atop the high school’s athletic complex press box, as part of Oskar's senior project.

In the fall, Oskar and Greg received permission from school officials to commence with the project. In the original article online, Oskar said,

"Our project has no commercial or marketing purpose…we just want to give back to the community and give something for everyone to use and enjoy."

The HOBO weather station data, including temperature, wind speed, and rainfall, can be accessed by anyone. The station is currently set to record data every minute.

For more live data streams of HOBO weather stations, check out the "See Live Data" button on the HOBOlink page.





At the moment, data from this senior project is being used mostly for weather reports by the high school, but Oskar and Greg believe the potential applications could help future student projects and research.

For more info on HOBO weather stations, click here.

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