Recently, CNN published a story about a gym owner who avoided a COVID-spreading event among her athletes when one of her trainers became ill. Luckily, the gym had recently undergone a redesign of its ventilation system to prepare for reopening after lockdown was lifted.

To inform the redesign, the owner consulted with one of her members, a professor of civil and environmental engineering, who held expertise in airborne transmission of viruses, air quality, and nanotechnology. She asked him about ventilation, as well as hygiene and gym-member distancing rules to keep everyone as safe as possible while working out.

The facility was purpose-built for the gym, so the owner had access to engineering and HVAC documents. With these, her consultant was able to make calculations for the space, the typical wind speeds in the area, and the resulting ventilation if the doors were open.

After the redesign, the space EXCEEDED the fresh air requirements of the American Society of Heating, Refrigerating and Air-Conditioning Engineers (ASHRAE), which issues recommendations for ventilation.

"I knew the virus was transmitted mainly through the air, so I thought it was really important to have good ventilation so everyone wasn't able to breathe it…Carbon dioxide is exhaled breath and is a good indicator of how much viruses might be building up in the air”.

Along with the redesign for proper airflow, HOBO MX1102A CO2 loggers were deployed to measure and record indoor carbon dioxide levels.

You can read the full article here.

In today’s world, indoor air quality is more important than ever, and tracking CO2 is critical to ensuring a healthy environment. Whether you’re looking to monitor a gym, office space, school, or hospital, cost-effective HOBO MX1102A CO2 loggers provide the accurate data you need, with the convenience of Bluetooth!

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Everyone who’s discussing and implementing guidelines for the safe re-opening of schools and facilities knows that it’s crucial to understand and optimize HVAC systems to ensure proper ventilation.

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Check out our use case, Indoor Air Quality in Schools, and find out how a facilities manager at a large county school district installed numerous HOBO MX1102A loggers and MX Gateways throughout the district’s buildings for continuous monitoring of CO2, temperature, and relative humidity.

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