Extreme climate fluctuations can be frustrating, especially if your livelihood depends on the weather. This stress affects farmers all over the world, including Tom Baker, a strawberry grower in Virginia.

Baker shared his story about how drastic weather affected his crop of 13,000 strawberry plants this year, and what he is doing to help prevent a repeat of this situation in the future.

“We know Mother Nature can be unpredictable, but Baker says it's all about adapting.”

How is Baker adapting? By adding some tech to his farm in the form of HOBO data loggers. Deployed at various locations throughout his fields, these Bluetooth-enabled devices log temperature every 15 minutes. Now Baker can track varying temperatures via the free HOBOmobile app on his smartphone, and quickly make adjustments in response to weather conditions. With HOBO loggers doing their jobs, Baker has a better sense of what’s happening in his growing environment and has the information he needs to protect his crop.

Learn more about the Bluetooth temperature data logger that Baker is using in his fields. This affordable and compact waterproof logger is great for measuring temperature in soil environments, as well as in streams, lakes, and oceans!

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