Conflict between the offshore windfarm industry and marine fisheries is in part due to a lack of understanding of what each industry requires and provides.

View our free 45-minute webinar, part of HOBO’s Thought Leader Webinar series, presented by Kevin D.E. Stokesbury, Ph.D., and learn how he's using HOBO water quality data loggers in his work to develop a framework to characterize, standardize, and quantify scientific data that addresses the concerns of both industries on various spatial and temporal scales, while also monitoring the effects of these industries on marine ecosystems.

Stokesbury’s goal is to balance the metrics used to describe the two industries, enabling individuals to communicate clearly in the same “units,” and, ideally, resulting in a continuous supply of sustainable seafood and renewable energy for an increasingly hungry world.

About Dr. Stokesbury

A professor in the Department of Fisheries Oceanography, School for Marine Science and Technology, at the University of Massachusetts Dartmouth, Kevin Stokesbury’s research examines the marine ecology of invertebrates and fish, their spatial distribution, population dynamics, and the impacts of fishing and energy development. Most of his research is collaborative with the fishing industries of Canada and the United States and he was awarded the David H. Wallace Award from the National Shellfish Association (2013) and the Standard-Times Southcoast Man of the Year (2018) for his two decades of science in the public interest, and the connections he’s made between fishermen and science.