HOBO Water Level data loggers can be hung in wells using Onset's special low-stretch cable with Teflon coating, to avoid snagging and to make them easy to clean.


You may require one or more of the following:

(SS, 1/16", 50-ft Teflon-Coated SS Cable)
(SS, 1/16", 300-ft Teflon-Coated SS Cable)
(Crimp Sleeve 12-Pack for CABLE-1-XX)



To mount the cable, you will need a secure mounting point at the top.

Try dry-fitting the pieces together before you go into the field. You may need a few other reducers, couplings, cement, tools, etc.

Attach the cable by looping it through the eye-bolt or ring and crimping the loose end to the main cable going to the data logger. You will need a crimping tool for this. We recommend using two crimps at each end to be sure the cable remains firmly attached.

Eye-bolt method:
Mount your wireline to a stainless eye-bolt mounted (drilled and hammered) onto your well cap or well casing.
Ring method:
Secure your data logger wireline to a 2-inch-OD welded stainless ring. It will fit nicely in the 2-inch aluminum well cap and 2-inch male adapter. You must reduce your pipe size to 1.5 inches or 1.25 inches with a reducing bushing right after the well cap. Your ring must have an OD of 2 inches.*

*For example get a 1.5-inch-ID (inner diameter) ring made of 1/4-inch-diameter stainless. One example ring is sold by McMaster-Carr as part number 3769T45 (about $3 each). The 2-inch-OD (outer diameter) stainless ring will not pass through the 1.5-inch-ID pipe. www.mcmaster.com. Schedule 40, Reducer Bushing (Flush Style) 2 x 1.25 for 2-inch ring mount.



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