With the exception of the H21-002 Microstation, HOBOware software is not compatible with H-series loggers. These are our older serial-based loggers, which require installation of our BoxCar application to allow communication. You may also need a serial-to-USB adapter, as most newer computers do not have a communication port installed.

Use this link to install the BoxCar application: /products/software/bcp43

You will need to enter the code C06-508759950 during the installation to “trick” it into installation mode.

If you do need an adapter, we recommend the following type: /products/cables/adapt-ser-usb

You can download the driver for your operating system from: http://www.tripplite.com/main/search?q=usa19HS

Once everything is installed, run the Tripplite data assistant to confirm the communication port to which the device is attached. Once you have the communication port, you can then choose file/preferences from BoxCar (see attached screenshots).

Our newer loggers connect via Bluetooth or through a USB connection. Check them out! /products



Tech Note