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A common question when working with rain data is: How much rain per “time interval?” That could be a day, a week, a month, or whatever you are looking for.

The RG3 logger collects rain events as time goes on, stamping the date/time with each event. The S-RGX (smart sensor version) collects total rain events per logging interval, which is relatively short - 15 minutes, for example. This data by itself is somewhat telling, but it cannot easily answer the question above. But with a few clicks, it becomes very simple.

A great way to see how much rain fell in...let’s say, a day, is to use HOBOware’s filtering tool. This is very simple to use and, like all plotted data in HOBOware, it can be exported to text for use with other software tools.

  1. Plot the rain data as you normally would in in HOBOware of HOBOware Pro.
  2. Click on the rain series name in the details pane on the left-hand side. It will turn blue and highlight the entire series.
  3. Then go to edit, select filter series, and fill out the filter series window by choosing “Total “ in each 1 day.

The resultant series will plot the total for each 24-hour period at midnight for each day.

You can also do this in the launch menu as a “prefilter.”

  1. In the launch menu, select “Filters” on the right-hand side.
  2. Select the “event: rain” channel.
  3. Then fill out the rest of the menu according to your totalizing needs.