Sending SMS through mobile phones is easy. If you can be reminded through email, you can now be reminded through SMS.

Each SMS (in English language) is limited to:

  • 160 characters each message
  • 15 characters in the subject line, including spaces
  • 15 characters per line, including spaces
  • 15 lines max, including any lines that had to be broken up

If your message is longer than 160 characters it will be split into multiple messages. Better if you send your own split up with user-friendly pagination to identify the sequence. For example I might use:

Onset Computer
470 MacArthur Blvd
Bourne MA 02532

Here are the email addresses for the six most popular cellular phone carriers

Virgin Mobile:
Southwestern Bell:

where phonenumber = the 10 digit phone number

Can't figure out who the provider is?

This site: only needs the first seven digits and returns the cell phone provider.

This site: tries a reverse search. This site will not find a (people) listing for a cell phone number, but will tell you the cell phone provider.

For ART Users

The text message option on the ART works like most other software that has the same feature. You need to know your outgoing (SMTP) settings and your cell phone's e-mail address.

SMTP - outgoing mail service. Could be provided by your IT person or by the ISP (Internet Service Provider). If you are using your personal computer, call your ISP's Tech Department for that info.

Cell phone's email - all phones that can accept text messages have one provided by the cell service provider. You may have to call your cell provider for this info.

IMPORTANT!!!! - Make sure you are using the latest ART. The older version had some issues.

Here is a screenshot of what your setup might look like. If your screen does not look like this, you will need to update.





Update link - /support/updates


Tech Note
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