When a sampling interval is configured, the station or logger will take multiple measurements within a given logging interval and then average them together to create a single logged data point.

This option is only for the following smart sensors that support measurement sampling:

  • temperature (S-TMB-M0xx)
  • PAR (S-LIA-M003)
  • solar radiation (S-LIB-M003)
  • barometric pressure (S-BPA-CM10 and S-BPB-CM50)
  • 12-bit 4-20mA input (S-CIA-CM14)
  • 12-bit voltage input (S-VIA-CM14)
  • FlexSmart TRMS module (S-FS-TRMSA-D)

To avoid unneccessary drain on the battery, disable the sampling interval if none of your smart sensors support measurement averaging.

The sampling interval will be ignored by sensors that do not support it.


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