Tech Note
Getting Started

The attached PDF file shows how data from a smart rain gauge (S-RGA-M002 and S-RGB-M002) is depicted versus how it's depicted when recorded with an RG3 or RG3-M stand-alone data logging rain gauge.

Smart rain gauges log and report data as the number of "tips" of their measurment mechanisim per logging interval of the attached logger (either a HOBO H21-002, U30, or RX3000). The RG3 and RG3-M, however, use the HOBO UA-003-64 Pendant Event logger to capture their "tips," which does not log event inputs at a preset logging interval.

Note: The HOBO UA-003-64 does have an internal temperature sensor that, when enabled, logs at a user-configured logging interval. Rainfall, however, is recorded independantly from this temperature channel.