Tech Note
Getting Started

Attached is a screenshot from a HOBO U26-001 Dissolved Oxygen (DO) logger data file that was post-processed using HOBOware Pro's Dissolved Oxygen Data Assistant.

Post-processing allows for the ability to correct for changes in salinity in saltwater applications (such as this). It also allows for the ability to compensate for any bio-fouling or sensor drift during deployment, as well as the ability to determine DO Percent Saturation.

In the attached image the DO Data Assistant Parameters are highlighted in the HOBOware Pro Details pane, for your information.

Data series in the image include:

  • Raw DO concentration - Black
  • Temperature - Blue
  • Do Adjusted Concentration - Dark Green
  • DO Percent Saturation - Red
  • High Range Conductivity uS/cm - Purple
  • Abs (barometric) pressure - Bright Green

For detailed training materials on the HOBO U26 and the Data Assistants, please go here: