Attached is a screen-capture from our HOBOlink web product that displays measurements made with a HOBO RX3000 station that's monitoring (among other things) rainfall, water level (Stevens vented water level transducer), and specific conductivity (InSitu Aquatroll model 100) in a roadside drainage pond at the Onset facility. This particular data plot shows the dramatic effect a rain event has on water level and specific conductivity in the pond (this was taken in January, when road salt runoff is present).

The specific conductivity and water level sensors are powered by the RXMOD-A1 analog module connected to the RX3000.

Products used are:

RX3000 Monitoring Station

RXMOD-A1 Analog Input Module

Stevens Water Level Sensor

InSitu AquaTroll 100

For more information about how to interface these types of third-party sensors with the RX3000, please see the following technical application notes:

Remote Water Level Monitoring

Remote Conductivity Monitoring



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