Reference Evapotranspiration (ET) Setup Considerations:
  • Channels must be selected from the same HOBO RX3000 and associated Smart Sensors and HOBOnet sensors. In general it's good practice to have the temp, RH, light, and wind sensors at the same location.
  • Both Hourly & Daily ET are availible to view.
  • In general, calculated channels are not available in the dashboard until data is available in the database. It can take up to one hour before Hourly ET is available; Daily ET is available after midnight.
  • Exported data will show ET at the top of each hour or day, depending on which of the two you are plotting.
  • When comparing hourly and daily ET, in some instances it could be off by 0.01 due to small rounding errors.
  • It is not recommended to use "Night Mode" to limit logger connections during off hours.


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