We receive many calls requesting information on how to calibrate our data loggers. While our data loggers cannot be calibrated, you can certainly check to see if the data loggers are recording within their specifications. Ideally, testing should be done in a controlled environment. Unfortunately, not everyone has access to this type of environment.

Following is a simple test that you can run to check the temperature accuracy of your data logger. Please keep in mind that you will need to place data loggers that are not waterproof into a waterproof container prior to testing. Please allow time for the inside temperature of the container to acclimate to the external temperature.

Place crushed ice (preferably made from distilled water) in an insulated container that is large enough to hold the data loggers that you are testing. It is important to crush the ice to maintain as consistent and uniform a temperature as possible. Fill the container with distilled water to just below the level of the ice and stir the mixture around. Submerge the data loggers or thermistor probes that you are testing. Place the entire container in a refrigerator to minimize temperature gradients. Allow enough time for the data logger to acclimate. The ice will melt slowly, so the actual temperature should settle around 0. (For non-waterproof loggers, ensure that the loggers are enclosed in a waterproof container before immersion) https://aquapac.net/.


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