All Users:

HOBO Optic data loggers must be inserted into the Base Station (or Shuttle) using the appropriate coupler for that logger in order for the computer to detect them. Note: HOBOware will not detect the Base Station alone as an attached USB device.

Check to make sure that the coupler is positioned properly and the magnet end is closest to the data logger, not the Base Station or the Optic Shuttle.

It is important to keep the optical area of the logger and Shuttle/Base Station free from obstruction such as dirt and algae. Do not use any chemicals to clean the data loggers. Clean the Optics with warm water and mild dish detergent. If the build-up is not removable with dish detergent, you may use toothpaste and a soft cloth as a mild abrasive cleaning agent.

If the communications window is scratched and you cannot offload data, apply mineral oil to the surface and try again.

Check your installed HOBOware version to insure support for the product you are using.

If launching or offloading in direct sunlight, try shading the logger if you are having trouble.

U24 and U26 Users:

Some loggers have a slight positioning preference caused by a slight internal misalignment of the optical LEDs, which may prevent them from communicating reliably. This is not a defect. Try turning the logger a few degrees in either direction while it is in the coupler. A related symptom of this is a false low-battery message.


Tech Note
Troubleshooting & Maintenance