The new Windows power-saving updates may cause the Base Station (part number BASE-U-4) and Waterproof Shuttle (part number U-DTW-1) to appear inactive even though a data logger is physically attached. This will affect any data loggers used with the optic base station or shuttle, including U20, U22, U23, U24, U26, UA Pendant, and UTBI TidbiT loggers.

There are three options available to correct the issue.

1) Unplug and replug the Optic Base Station or Waterproof Shuttle each time you change loggers attached to them. Be sure to leave the logger inserted into the coupler and the base station or shuttle when unplugging/replugging.

2) Open the Device Manager and force a scan of USB devices.
a) Select "Settings" and then select the "Devices" group.
b) In this group, select "Connected Devices" (from the list on the left).
c) Find "Device Manager" under "Related Settings" near the bottom and select it.
d) In "Device Manager," select "Universal Serial Bus Controllers," which will open a list of USB devices.
e) At the top of the window, select "Action" and pick "Scan for Hardware Changes."
f) HOBOware should now detect the logger insertion.

3) Modify a key in the Windows Registry associated with the Optic Base Station or Waterproof Shuttle. This procedure is available in this Microsoft Knowledge Base Article in the Workaround section. When you get to the section needing the Onset Computer Corporation Vendor ID, use VID_0F1B. The Product ID for the Optic USB Base Station Product ID is PID_0070. The Product ID for the Waterproof Shuttle is PID_0A04. You will also need to know the Product ID for the loggers to detect when the logger is removed. You can use methods in the Microsoft Knowledge Base Article to find the Product ID for the loggers you are using.


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