The Keyspan USB to Serial Adapter software application will need to be installed on your computer in order for this device to operate. The CD is included with the device or can be downloaded from their website under “Support” at: Follow the Keyspan installation instructions.

Once installed, open this application and note the COM number assigned.

For HOBOware:
Open HOBOware Pro and go to File > Preferences > Communications > Device Types and ensure that USB and Serial is selected. Also, go to “Serial Ports” and select the appropriate port number. Click “OK to complete the configuration.

For BoxCar Pro:
Open BoxCar Pro and go to Edit > Preferences and set "Logger Serial Port" to the appropriate com port number.

Please see the manual, Configuring HOBOware® for a Keyspan® USB-to-Serial Adapter (ADAPT-SER-USB).


Tech Note