Before starting, make sure you have the .jar file. This can be downloaded from /support/updates under the Data Assistants tab.


If you have the CD, you must copy the file from the CD to your computer before proceeding. If you have downloaded the file from the website, and are using Internet Explorer 7, the file may need to be renamed. The .jar file extension is sometimes changed by IE7 to .zip, and must be changed back before the .jar file can be installed. You can use Windows Explorer or My Computer for this task – just change the file name extension to .jar.

To install the Data Assistant:

  1. From HOBOware Preferences, click the “Setup Assistant” button.
  2. Proceed through the Setup Assistant to the Data Assistants screen.
  3. Click the “Load New Data Assistant…” button.
  4. In the resulting file dialog, locate the .jar file, select it, and click “Open.” The new Data Assistant should now be installed in HOBOware, and should appear in the list of installed Data Assistants.
  5. Proceed through the rest of the HOBOware Setup Assistant and click “Done.”

You can also install the Assistant by opening a datafile, as follows:

  1. Open any HOBOware datafile (.hobo or .dtf).
  2. In the Plot Setup window, if the Data Assistants pane is closed, open it by clicking on the arrow.
  3. Click the “Load…” button.
  4. Using the resulting file dialog, locate the .jar file, select it, and click “Open.”

    If the new assistant is compatible with a series in this datafile, it will be added to the list of available assistants. If it is not compatible with a series in this data file, it will still be loaded into HOBOware, but will not be visible until you open a datafile with a compatible set of series.


Tech Note