Step 1. Set up a HOBOlink account if you do not have one already. (HOBOlink) Note: There is no need to register an MX logger on HOBOlink.

Step 2. Add your HOBOlink credentials to your HOBOmobile app. See image below.


Step 3. Now, when you connect and readout an MX data logger, the data will be uploaded to your HOBOlink account. You can stop here if you are only using HOBOlink for additional safe data storage.

Step 4. Create an Export: Log in to your HOBOlink account. On the left hand side Go to “Data” and select “Exports”

  1. Click "Create New Export" at the bottom of this page.
  2. For easy importing to HOBOware, do these two things: select HOBOware CSV under file format and check the “Include logger and sensor label/name in column header if available” checkbox. See image below.
  3. Continue creating your export, going through steps 2 (choosing the Logger and Channels) and 3 (Column ordering) in the export screen.
  4. Click Save at the bottom of the screen.


Step 5. Test. Your screen will change to you Export list. Locate the Export that you just created and click “Export”. The file will then be downloaded to your computer.

Note. You can move the file from your downloads folder to a desired file location and open from there. It is important not to modify the export with another program before you import into HOBOware.

Step 6. Import this file to HOBOware. First go to the the File menu, select “Import Text Data” (crtl T), and locate the recently exported file. Follow the prompts from HOBOware, check the date and time format, and adjust if needed. Click Plot. Now you can use all the imbedded HOBOware features to work with your data.

Step 7. (optional) Save the file as a project. Go to the file menu and select “Save Project.”


Tech Note