Tech Note

HOBOware software is used for launching, reading out, and plotting data from HOBO® data loggers. With HOBOware, you can also check logger status, filter and export data, save changes to graphs in project files, and scale data with the Linear Scaling and Pulse Scaling data assistants. There are two versions of HOBOware: HOBOware (free) and HOBOware Pro.

HOBOware Pro offers the following additional features:

• Support for HOBO conductivity, dissolved oxygen, and water level loggers that use HOBOware Pro Data Assistants

• Support for HOBO U-Shuttle and Waterproof Shuttle

• HOBOnode Manager, and support for wireless HOBO data nodes

• Launch and readout time-saving options

• Additional data assistants (Barometric Compensation, Conductivity, Dissolved Oxygen, Grains Per Pound, Growing Degree Days, and kWh)

• Importing of text data

• Bulk Export Tool

• Pie charts for UX90 series loggers

• Additional plot preferences (font type, style, and color, and series and value axis rules)

• Subset statistics tool for graphing a subset of data

• Series cropping on plots • 21 CFR Part 11 Compliance