HOBOware 3.0 Performance

HOBOware and the HOBOnode Manager seem sluggish and/or my computer's memory and CPU seem very low. What can I do to improve performance?

The following steps can be taken to improve performance of HOBOware when using the HOBOnode product:

  • Use 4-Hr view for plots, which will reduce memory usage and processor load. If you need to view real-time data for the past day or week, make sure to switch back to 4-Hr view after you are done.
  • Reduce the number of sensors plotted in the HOBOnode Manager's real-time plots. This reduction significantly reduces memory usage and increases responsiveness.
  • If you don't care to view Hobonode Manager data, close this window and the HOBOware window itself. Be sure to leave the HOBOware Device Communication running in the system tray. This change will significantly reduce memory usage and processor load.
  • Don't open too many plots in the main HOBOware window. Close open plots when they are no longer useful. Limit the time range of plots. All of these suggestions reduce memory usage.

I am having trouble setting my HOBOnode logging and/or connection interval. Is there a workaround?

In very large networks, it is sometimes difficult to get the commands through to nodes. If your attempts to set connection and logging interval fails, follow these steps:

  1. Retry setting the interval from the configuration dialog twice. If the attempts continue to fail, move to the next steps.
  2. In HOBOware preferences, set the default connection and logging interval to the desired values.
    (File, Preferences, Data Nodes, General)
  3. Remove the node from the network using the "Remove Node" button in the configuration dialog, and wait 2 minutes.
    Click "Form Network" to begin forming the network again.
    Hold down the button on the node for 5 seconds to get it to leave the network.
    Tap the button on the node to get it to re-join the network.
    When the node shows up in the device table again, cancel the network form.
    Bring up the configuration dialog for the node and ensure it has the desired logging and/or connection interval.

I want to make sure my HOBOnode database gets backed up. Where is it located?

This depends on the platform. On Windows XP the path is C:Documents and Settings<username>Application DataOnsetComputerCorporationcosmosdb. On Windows Vista and Win7 the path is C:Users<username>AppDataLocalOnsetComputerCorporationcosmosdb. On OS X the path is Users<username>DocumentsOnsetComputerCorporationcosmosdb

Also displayed in HOBOware Preferences under Data Nodes, Data Storage.

The Plots tab only shows up to a week of data. How do I view data for the month?

If you are interested in viewing a month's worth of data for a given sensor or sensors, click the Plot/Export Data button on the bottom of the HOBOnode Manager window, which will open up the Plot/Export HOBOnode Data window. In the upper left corner select the nodes that contain the sensors in which you are interested. Then select these sensors in the panel to the right to add them to the 'Sensors to Plot or Export' section. In the lower left Time Range section click the Preset button, then select Past Month. You are now ready to click Plot and view your data for the month.

When I click on the green or red alarm clock icon in the Device table it does not open my alarm. How do I edit my sensor alarm?

In order to edit a sensor alarm that was previously created, go to the Alarms tab, then click on the Sensors tab. This will display the table of existing Sensor alarms. Use table column headers to sort the table or the filter above the table to view only certain sensor alarms such as tripped temperature alarms, etc. Once you have found the alarm you want, in that alarm's row click the Edit button, which is located toward the right.

On the Alarms tab I am no longer seeing some of the sensor alarms I previously set up. Where did they go?

Above the Sensor alarms table there are several dropdowns that filter the contents of the table. Set all these dropdowns back to 'all' and you should now see all your alarms again.

I have several alarms to set up. Do I need to type in my email address every time?

No, you do not have to enter your email address every time. In the HOBOnode Manager window click the Actions button then click Edit HOBOnode Preferences. In the Preference window click open the Alarms panel and scroll to the Default Alarm Actions. Click the Add button to add a default alarm action. Select the alarm type and enter the parameters, such as Email john@doe.com. If you would like this action automatically added to every new sensor alarm then click the checkbox above the Default Alarm Actions table for that behavior. Click OK to save your preferences. Now when you are creating or editing an alarm your default alarm action will be accessible in the Default Alarm Actions dropdown in the Alarm Actions section.

I have several nodes that require the same alarms. Can I copy alarms from one node to another?

Sensor alarms can be copied to other sensors selected in the Device table, to all sensors of the same measurement type, or to all sensors of the same measurement type and Group. If you have several sensors that require the same sensor alarms, then assign all those sensors to a Group such as "Temp Checker." Then create the sensor alarms for one of those sensors. In the Sensor alarms table select those alarms then click the Copy To dropdown below the Sensor alarms table and click all Sensors of same measurement types and groups.

What is the Enable Logging item on the Help menu?

When you select the Enable Logging item you will be asked if you would like to turn on logging in HOBOware. This is only recommended if you are experiencing problems and would like to capture logged information for this problem to send to Technical Support. Once you Enable Logging, perform the problem activity, and then select the Submit Technical Support Request item on the Help menu. Once your issue has been submitted logging can be disabled.

What is the Submit Technical Support Request in the Help menu?

If you are experiencing problems with HOBOware you may submit a request to Technical Support for assistance through this menu item. It is recommended to first Enable Logging, then perform the problem behavior, then submit your Technical Support Request, which will automatically send along the logged information to assist in diagnosing the issue. After the Technical Support Request has been submitted, logging can be disabled.

I have a HOBOnode network and I need to change the locale on my computer where the HOBOnode Manager runs. What should I do before changing my locale?

Before you change your locale please follow the 'Starting a New Deployment' section in HOBOware help. Once these steps are complete you may change your locale and resume using the HOBOnode Manager.

Is performance affected when accessing HOBOware from a VNC remote client?

Yes, we have found increased processor usage by HOBOware when a remote client is logged in. If performance already seems slow on your host PC, a remote client likely will worsen this condition. In this case we recommend shorter-duration remote sessions to minimize the impact on HOBOware.


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