Tech Note

HOBOware Java VM aborting message HOBOware 3.4+ (HOBOware 3.4.0 or higher only)

HOBOware fix for “heap error, and aborting error.” This new command-line fix can make HOBOware work by modifying the shortcut for starting HOBOware.

Previous instructions were wrong (they included a colon in the command-line that did not belong there).

Typical error messages this can fix:

  • JVM could not be started, the heap size could be too large or an antivirus could block the execution
  • JAVA VM Aborting
  • Sorry, this cannot fix Enterprise or roaming user profiles

Modifying the HOBOware Shortcut

The "modifying the HOBOware shortcut" method below describes opening HOBOware by modifying the shortcut (icon) used to start HOBOware.You can limit the amount of memory HOBOware uses by changing the command-line used to open it.This is easy to accomplish by modifying the HOBOware shortcut on your desktop:

  • Right-click on the desktop icon for HOBOware and a menu will appear
  • Select Properties
  • Click anyplace in the box next to the word Target
  • Move your cursor to the very end just after the quotation mark (")
  • Enter one space (or else you will get a Target Not Found error message)
  • Enter -J-Xmx256m (case sensitve)
  • Click on Apply
  • Click on OK

Numbers other than 256 that might work

  • 150
  • 128

No extra spaces are allowed.

HOBOware should open okay now if you use the shortcut.

HOBOware 3.3.2 and lower/earlier requires a different command line

  • The command line after the space would be: -mx:256 (case sensitive)
  • Click on Apply
  • Click on OK
  • HOBOware 3.3.2 and lower/earlier should open okay now