Graphing & Analysis

HOBOware software's powerful graphing features let you plot and filter data



HOBOware Software Plot Screen


Graphing: View Demo (4 min. 30 sec.)


  • View multiple parameters from one or more loggers on one graph
  • Combine data from multiple deployments on one graph
  • Overlay data from different time periods to compare month-to-month, or before and after
  • Copy-and-paste data from one plot onto another
  • Save and recall graphs — saves all modifications including added data series
  • Zoom and axis-control tools to focus on data of interest
  • Use cursor to display specific plot value
  • Display series data and details such as launch parameters and series statistics
  • Add limit lines to the graph
  • Control axes, series, legend, and title properties
  • Optional display of recorded events such as button push/release, host computer connection, and/or low battery in graphs or file exports


Analysis Functions: View Demo (1 min. 30 sec.)



Analysis functions can be used to extract key information from logged data. These functions actually create new data series, which can be graphed or exported. These functions filter data over user-specified intervals that can be in seconds, minutes, hours or days.

  • Analysis functions for interval-based logger data:
  • Min, max, and average values per interval
  • Total rainfall or counts per interval
  • Analysis functions for On/Off and State logger data:
  • Run-time and off-time (closed time and open time) in seconds
  • Percent on and percent off(percent closed and percent open)
  • Number of ons and offs (number of opens and closes)
  • Analysis functions for Event logger data:
  • Number of events
  • Cumulative event totals


Tech Note