Green “OK” LED illuminates when:

  • HOBOware recognizes it as a base station (steady ON state)
  • When it finishes reading out and relaunching a logger (flashing)
  • When you press the coupler lever to check the shuttle’s status​ (flashes for each unoccupied memory location)

Momentarily press the coupler lever to stop the blinking.

Amber “Transfer” LED blinks when:

  • The shuttle is reading out a logger and relaunching it (slow flash, shuttle receiving data from logger; fast flash, shuttle relaunching logger)

Do NOT remove the logger when the Transfer light is lit.

Red “Fail” LED blinks when:

  • (for 15 minutes) Whenever the shuttle encounters an error condition or until the coupler lever is pressed
  • Shuttle is full
  • Shuttle batteries are low
  • Shuttle cannot readout or relaunch loggers that were last launched from HOBOware prior to version 2.2
  • Shuttle clock is not set – power failure
  • Logger not found by the shuttle (dead logger battery, for example)

You must use HOBOware Pro to offload the files that are already on the shuttle, and then relaunch the shuttle before you can read out another logger.

All LEDs blink in unison when the shuttle has just been powered up, either by installing fresh batteries, or, if batteries are not installed, by connecting to the computer’s USB port.

No LEDs means that the batteries may be completely exhausted.


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